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GoFrugal's retail POS software has become a part of our legacy and work ethic. Because its success story is now a benchmark to measure quality...

Online retail pos software

Connect with your customers anywhere with online POS

Establish it with our cloud enabled business automation solutions

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In our climate where shrinking margins is a reality, web based POS software helps us save those precious little 'etc..' in our daily transactions...

Retail Multiple Chain Store Management Software

You need branch visibility

Real-time snapshot provides a bird's-eye view of business performance

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Earlier, opening up a new branch only added to the complexity of maintenance. After using HQ, we are eager for more expansion...

Mobile App Solutions for Restaurant

POS at store, Mobile outside

Mobile app for order taking, KOT billing, steward management etc. for Restaurant & Food and Beverages

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Our food quality has always been good. But still guests left red-faced because of our service level. ServJoy turned the tables for us...

Assured retail software solutions for Aspiring Retailers

We want to be your preferred companion. We innovate and excel in retail and supply chain management software. Our E2E solutions cater from store automation to omnichannel retailing.

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Restaurant App - Kitchen order taking
Mumbai Retail Submit - 2015


Find out why our Retail customers love us

20000+ customers, 250+ towns in India, 29+ countries... and growing


Mr. DV Raj Sekhar-D'light Mobiles

Access to my business on my laptop and smartphone gave me 3 additional hours to my day


Mr. Kalu Bhai-Rahuveer Fashions

My profits have increased three fold. Am a fan of GoFrugal today and would be happy to recommend it

LifeStyle & Fashion

Mr. Abishek Pesala-Angels

My business has grown exponentially over the years. Thanks to GoFrugal's HQ- Centralized hybrid solution


Mr. Swapnil Naila-Pramukh

Making 30% more bills an hour, the speed of billing is unmatchable


Mr. Noshir Modi-Goodies Cafe

Inventory control is stronger, would rate it 9/10. Going to expand through franchises with GoFrugal HQ solution


Mr. Kalsariya-Modest Mart

Business flashcard is my favorite report, keeps me informed of my business health

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TruePOS, GoFrugal's online retail POS software, is a complete business management solution that helps retailers reduce costs, improve efficiency and thereby grow business. All it requires is just a browser to run.

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Online retail billing software
Mobile App for Restaurant

Build Credibility. Manage Orders at Customer's place.

With our order-taking mobile apps, you can take 'customer-related' decisions, at the customer's place. Get instant stock updates, take orders, manage their delivery on-time, generate bills on the go. In short, your 'Go-to-Customer' strategy starts with our mobile apps.

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