Assure Product Delivery

GoFrugal assures its customer of excellent product delivery and training with the backing of our Implementation specialists who have a thorough expertise in the business process of all retail business segments served. Our Implementation specialists spread across the country, continually cater to the training needs of our growing customer base.

Mission : Deliver customer a WOW experience through proactive engagement & professional training.

Unique customer Id : Every customer order will have a unique Id. This will give transparency and help track the complete transaction, implementation, training, support history and any other engagements at any point of time.

Digital Assure Service with myGoFrugal app : First in the country to introduce a mobile app for customers to manage their product delivery. See periodic history of training sessions conducted, check details of what was learnt during the session, take actions like rescheduling the training session, confirming the learning undertaken and give feedback for improvements and more for 100% customer satisfaction and delight.

Assure Product Delivery Process

Product delivery training process

Highlights of GoFrugal Product Delivery Process:
  • Order Acknowledgement - Receipt sent to customer over e-mail & myGoFrugal app on receiving advance towards the order

  • Introduction call with Implementation specialist - best practices conveyed with Help us Help you video, single Point of Contact (SPOC) appointed from customer's end

  • To understand customer expectation and system requirement clearly, Implementation specialist will conduct a telephonic hardware assessment and send a business questionnaire

  • Schedule discussion & finalization mutually between customer and Implementation specialist. Confirmed schedule will be notified in myGoFrugal. Customer can reschedule the training session 48hrs before schedule

  • Training session - Implementation specialist facilitates learning to Customer SPOC & Team

  • Training & learning confirmation - Customer to give a confirmation on the learning through rating and feedback, confirmation can be done through myGoFrugal app & myGoFrugal menu in POS, customer can escalate if training not satisfactory via myGoFrugal app itself, sales manager will intervene and take corrective action

  • Delivery add-on product benefits: Based on customer needs (SMS, Mail, SmartReports) and add-on products solution will be delivered to customers. Customers can buy add-on products from GoFrugal Store

  • On Successful completion of Product Delivery, customer will be handed over to Assure Care. Customers can raise support issues through myGoFrugal app for support and maintenance needs. For more details visit Support Process

Note :
*Customers can buy Addon products from GoFrugal Store
The above are subjected to customer's product delivery entitlement

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