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Talk to your business – Use WhatsNow

So you are a CEO, a  Proprietor or an Owner. You are talented, successful and extremely busy. But are you the business that you own?

Your business has its own persona, its own identity and its own lifestyle. You own it yes, but you are not the business and the business is not you. It has its own stages of rise, fall, expansion or renovation. It’s always very lively, like our kids, like us. So why only manage & control it? Why not be even more closer? Why not just speak to it?

Preventive measures to fight virus/ malware/ ransomware threats

At GoFrugal, our Assure Care team is constantly focused on helping you with preventive measures so that you can enjoy uninterrupted business operations and peace of mind


Today, we would like to advise you on best practices to avoid/prevent your IT environment/computer systems from getting virus attacks, the following are what you should strictly practice in your business -

  • Install Anti-Virus and have the following security modules enabled / active – Real Time Monitoring, Proactive protection, Firewall IDS/IPS Intrusion prevention
  • Do not open attachments in emails if received from unknown sources, Don’t enable macros in documents received as attachments via email

Why your retail store needs express checkout?

A retail store has two kinds of shoppers / customers.

1. A customer who buys a full cart of items (20% of total customers)

2. A convenience shopper who buys less than 4 items (80% of total customers)

Express checkout mobile app – SellSmart

The key for a successful business is making it more customer-centric. Delivering happy customer experience is the biggest challenge that every retailer face. Customers spending more time in queue for billing than shopping tend to lose interest for next walk-in to your store. The answer to this challenge is SellSmart!

SellSmart is an express checkout mobile app for retailers and distributors. SellSmart can offer :

  • Quickest queue turnaround time for customers
  • Bill and take order from anywhere
  • Less hardware investment for additional client
  • Repeated customer walk-in

Billing from smartphone – The SellSmart way

SellSmart is an elegantly designed, simple and easy to use,  express checkout mobile App.

Where can SellSmart be used?

  • A queue buster to convert your smartphone into express checkout billing counter
  • Make home delivery process simpler by taking order and collecting payment at customer’s doorsteps
  • Manage the transactions of juice stalls, chat corner, ice cream shops & other Kiosk vendors attached your store
  • Used to quickly setup a temporary sales stalls in trade fairs, exhibitions and shopping malls


Why SellSmart for your business?

Simple four steps barcode configuration – GoFrugal POS

GoFrugal POS BarCode Setup: Feeling difficult in managing your inventory without barcode?
Do you afraid of losing customers because of the time taken for billing? GoFrugal is now helping you to complete the barcode setup in just four steps with GoFrugal POS software.

4 Steps Process
Step 1 : Configuring barcode printer
Step 2: Selecting required fields
Step 3 : Preparing PRN file with the field names
Step 4 : Mapping prn file

Watch the barcode setup video and do the configuration in your pos system.

Top 6 Reasons why your Business needs GoFrugal POS

The top 6 reasons why your business needs GoFrugal Point of Sale System. As a business owner, you have to face the challenge of huge competition in the retail industry. How better satisfy the customer? How run your business more efficiently? How take the best decision? GoFrugal Point of Sale proposes you solution which can help take this challenge and grow your business.


  • Easy to operate, best Flexible point of sale software
  • Smart, Gives better control
  • Helps to Optimize Inventory Track
  • Reduce the theft/pilferage control
  • Retain & grow your customers

Everyone of you can be Supermarket Superstar, watch how?!

Supermarket Superstar : Do you want to become a Supermarket Superstar? There are 3 simple ways a GoFrugal supermarket software can help your business stand out, grow your business and stay relevant to market future.

  • First & Early Movers
  • Market Experts
  • Happy & Successful businessmen

GoFrugal supermarket POS Specialists can help you become superstar to your customers and be one step ahead of your competitors. Download supermarket software free with 30 Day Trial and experience it.

1 Significant time saving update in GoFrugal Distribution Edition (DE6)

Hello Folks !

Worried about the data backup in your Distribution business? Worried about the day closing hours after the business time?

No worries ! Auto Backup Tool has been introduced to GoFrugal Distribution Edition (DE6) .

What is it?

It is an automated tool which can be configured to update your data then and there.Once configured

  • Never worry about backup after working time
  • Take backup while billing without any hindrance to the business processes
  • Keep your storage disks clean by automatically deleting the out dated backup file

A day of Retailer, changed with the power of a mobile App

Mr Chandrakumar, Owner of Latha Super Bazaar chain of retail stores in Chennai is a very busy business man. When he started his business wanting to automate, he had evaluated 10 different retail POS solutions in the market, not any matched with his growing business needs, he is very glad he found the right business partner. More than 10+ years now, Mr Chandrakumar is an extremely satisfied user of GoFrugal Supermarket Point of Sale Software

Latha super bazaar - POS customer chennai India