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Tradition to Technology – A customer’s journey

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Bandhini or Bandhej is one of the oldest traditional art forms of Gujarat. Started by Mr Kalpesh Nansi, a decade ago, Sankalp Bandhej is a company that focuses on designing handcrafted sarees, capturing the unique essence of Bandhini , in various patterns. Mr Sanjay, the proud partner of Sankalp Bandhej says that, today it has retail outlets in Jamnagar, Vadodara, Anand and Rajkot, but their association with GoFrugal dates back to the time when they had only 2 retail outlets. The journey that started 6 years back, has been “one of continuous innovation,and expansion along with GoFrugal“, Sanjay beams with pride.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for Sanjay before our collaboration, as his then-incumbent software started giving him sleepless nights. No wonder, his online search for a suitable software led him straight to GoFrugal, at around midnight.. He immediately registered for a call back. At 7:30, the  following  morning, he received a call from one of our local executives  from Baroda,  requesting for his details and requirements.

Story of the past six years..

It was GoFrugal’s robust Inventory management module that helped Sanjay the most. That along with the detailed reporting feature gave him a complete  picture of the stock position based on the sales made. Apparel labeling and stock visibility eliminated the issue of incorrect forecasting of stock. GoFrugal’s Head Quarter solution made stock ordering, as well as stock transfer between branches and handling of stock just a key stroke away.

In addition, the initial cost of stationary was extremely  high. The company had to either print the bills externally or manually provide one! They were unable to design or modify their  bill,  nor recall  the same on request by customers. Our Easy Print Solution proved cost effective. No external printing was required- Sankalp started saving on stationery by defining the print size, as well as easily design its own bill. It was not only able to procure the  cost of  the software within a  month but increase the  profits too.

During his  6 years of association with GoFrugal, Sanjay has seen the Services improve manifold.  ”It has been almost 3 years now since my IT manager has reported any issue with the software!” quips Sanjay, along with the remarkable changes he had witnessed since – responsible handling of queries, quick resolution of issues within the assured time frame and so on.

The overall results:

  • 6%+ increases in same-store sales
  • 30%+ improvements in replenishment of items that were previously out-of-stock
  • 10% to 15% decreases in on-hand inventory
  • 70%+ time savings in taking inventory in stores and in distribution channel, reduced from days to hours
  • 98%+ inventory accuracy

Sanjay  found a lot of features provided by our software not only very attractive, but also something that gave him a new direction  and   ideas for growth. GoFrugal is for smart people, he acknowledges. Not just a software, GoFrugal has also been a business advisor to Mr Sanjay who dreams of expanding and venturing into e-commerce along with us.

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