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A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

GoFrugal’s POS feature “Guest seating and service” is more helpful to manage single and multi-store restaurant business easier.

Restaurant Guest Seating and Service

A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

Features :

- A dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary which table is occupied & available

- Flexible, user friendly touch screen and UI : counter staff/steward/cashier can work fast & accurately

- Identify which ‘Captain’ and ‘Steward’ is serving which table and the number of guests

- Report to monitor dine in, take away and delivery details

- Merging of KOTs and convert a kitchen order taking to bill are made simpler

- Easy tracking on pending and canceled KOT. Printing of food menus happen in respective kitchens

- Absolute clarity on combo and special offer details in billing

A big family is dining in many tables? Merge their bills with ease. A gang of friends celebrating a party? Dutch their bills in an instant. Allow your foodies enjoy their time and keep them coming back

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