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Why FoodTrucks need an iPad POS?


FOODTRUCK!! Ya you read it right. The buzz word of this age’s Food industry across the globe. Every foodie turned entrepreneur is in love with this word. This is the trend now!

So what are the aspects an entrepreneur looks into when he starts his new food business. One of those is the Point of Sale for your business. So how do you Zero in, on a Foodtruck POS? That’s simple. Just ensure if the below specs are available with the POS you choose to go with

 The functionality you need!

Have you experienced 24/7?

No! I didn’t mean 24th July… I meant, if you have experienced a satisfactory 24×7 support from your POS provider…. Thinking? or puzzled ?? – You should be!

Your business runs round the clock which means you are prone to come up with doubts in the POS software you use & nor can you assure that all your staff are experienced with it(*It should’ve rung a bell now*).. In such an occasion were you able to contact your POS provider to get your queries clarified? Immediately? In the channel you wanted to?

Chill Bro Paletas! & this is how we rolled out with ServQuick

iPad POS Customer Chill Bro Paletas

iPad POS Customer Chill Bro Paletas

Chill Bro Paletas – The Paleta makers! GoFrugal’s relation with Chill Bro Paletas started since the day they downloaded ServQuick from iTunes. They were trying their hands on it for quite few days and one fine morning, we were happy to find these guys opting out with ServQuick iPad POS. And this is when we got the proof of the pudding in our hand. There wasn’t a call from the Paleta makers either during their trial nor when they implemented the solution on their own.

Unleashing ServQuick for web based sales

Gone are the days where you had invest so much on the hardware when you adopt a change in the software / when you open a new outlet.

With ServQuick Cloud QSR POS  for quick service restaurant in place all you need right now is just a browser installed in the device you please to work with (Yes! you choose your device and ServQuick comes your way! – It could be a tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop or touch POS machine even)

Cloud iPad POS for QSR

ServQuick is the Trend setter and a revolutionary in the QSR market

Why your QSR needs an iPad POS?

With the IoT – Internet of Things fever spreading across all industry, it’s high time you shift your QSR business operations to Cloud, to render a similar experience to your customers. If you haven’t experienced it yet, we tell you why you should try an iPad POS on cloud right away

iPad POS For Quick Service Restaurant

iPad POS For Quick Service Restaurant

Increased retail space & orders

Gone are the days when you had to struggle allocating more space to the cash registers or the POS machines. With the iPad POS in place all that you need now is to minimal space to fix up a counter and your printer. Now use this extra space to treat few extra customers! ;)

Time for Cloud POS… because your cash drawer is dead!

Gone are the days when you had to fight the business with the traditional cash registers. The food industry has now upgraded itself with online ordering, review websites and much more. When all of these lies on cloud do you think your business can cope up without a Cloud POS in place? Here we give you more reasons on why your cash register needs a replacement with a Cloud POS

Record transactions for a longer period

With cash drawers in place you cannot store data for a longer run. You have to put in some manual effort to keep your data safe elsewhere

Why GoFrugal’s New Restaurant Touch POS is an Essential For Your Food ​Business?

Restaurant Touch POSAll along, in the food industry, observing what happens in your restaurant during the peak business hours has been a prolonging headache to any restaurateur. Many a time this goes unattended even if it gets noticed… While you are reading this, I can sense your thoughts going back to the rush hours in your restaurant. What I can tell you is, “Our solution can resolve your unattended pain”

With the new improved Restaurant POS Software enjoy the comfort of knowing

  • The available tables
  • The occupied ones
  • Total summary for table on the floor

Restaurant Mobile App – 6 New Features You Can’t Miss in ServJoy

Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile App

Well, this is in continuation to my previous post on ServJoy, that features the milestones that our restaurant mobile app crossed through. Felt that it is time to shed some extra light on the enhancements made recently. So here it goes…

Enhanced Item Search

Scrolling through the mobile app to find your guest choice of dish has been made more easier now. Search for an item in ServJoy not only by using “Name” but also using their “Code or alias code” 

Order of Priority