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Wholesale Distribution Business Management Software Solution – GoFrugal

GoFrugal’s distribution business management software – A comprehensive software solution for centralized distribution management of complete downstream supply chain network, stockists, warehouse and distribution centers.

Wholesale Distribution Business Management Software Solution

Wholesale Distribution Management Solution

Supported Business Modules:

1) Manufacturer central warehouse
2) C&A / C&F’s
3) Stockist / Super Stockist
4) Warehouse / Distribution center
5) Distributors / Sub-stockists
6) Wholesalers / Agencies

Supported Business Types:

1) FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods distribution)
2) Processed & Packaged Foods like Milk, oil, Packaged drinking water, Groceries and ready to eat food
3) Personal care & Cosmetics
4) Lubricants
5) Generic Pharma, Patent Pharma, Surgical & Medical equipment, Veterinary Pharma, Alternative medicines  like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha and Organic &  Biological healthcare business
6) Bio-tech Products
7) Stationery
8) Pesticides, Manures & Animal Feeds

Supply Chain Management Software – GoFrugal (Wholesale & distribution Solution)

We are very happy to announce the market release of GoFrugal Solution for Multi-outlet Wholesale Distribution and down-stream supply chain management businesses. This release re-enforces our belief that transparency is always the best policy

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software

About 2 years back, we communicated our decision  to stop marketing Distribution Solutions. We also communicated to our customers that we will continue to support the customers using the product till March 31, 2016. While our customers and the market recognized GoFrugal DE product as the most in-depth and comprehensive supply chain management software to manage the distribution business, we were challenged on the business side. Distribution business was service intensive and we wanted to take time out to enhance our product & service ensuring the update to be long term, healthy for our customers

iPad, Android and Web POS Latest Version released on 3rd April 2016

We are delighted to announce the latest version ( of GoFrugal’s ServQuick web app released on 03-Apr-2016,  The right time to move your Quick Service Restaurant business on cloud, now ‘Ring your sale with ServQuick POS

Cloud Quick Service Restaurant POS

Quick Service Restaurant POS for iPad & Android Tablet

New Enhancements in ServQuick POS

  • A new configuration has been provided to track the order from the kitchen.
  • Once the order gets punched, status of the order gets saved as “Pending”, and the user can change the status of the order to “Delivered” in receipt screen, if the order is delivered from the kitchen.

‘WhatsNow’ For Retail & Restaurant Business – GoFrugal POS App

Did you know that the biggest challenge for Retail & Restauranteurs  is to interpret their huge business store data to make better informed decisions at the right time ? Accurate data not only gives you clear insight on the business performance, but keeps competitive and profitable. Track your on-shelf availability, determine re-orders, where/when/which items are selling, identify production Vs Sales quantity, know the wastage etc.POS AppAll POS systems track data, at GoFrugal the new revolutionary POS App summarizes the above info in less then 10 secs,

Wow! How ?

Why GoFrugal POS solution is fit to your business ?

GoFrugal POS solution created with required and necessary features like mobile alerts, sms, bar-code, RFID and smart card to provide comprehensive solution to retail and restaurant businesses with point of sale software. We also provide distribution solutions among with the entire trade supply chain ecosystems which includes supplier, customer, partner, distributor, dealer, service provider, franchisee and franchisor.

GoFrugal POS Solutions Suported Businesses

Supported Businesses by GoFrugal POS Solutions

POS Features

  • GoFrugal billing software provides inventory tracking, finance & Accounting  for retail & restaurant single store and multi-stores
  • Mobile Solution for warehouse management retail operations & field mobility applications

Cloud POS – Why does your business need Cloud POS software?

Now a days Retail and Restaurant business industry require a Cloud POS Software because they are facing more challenges on daily basis like hardware cost, additional antivirus  software for data security and software installation issues makes more complication to run their business peacefully.

Cloud POS Software

Cloud POS Software

GoFrugal Cloud POS Solution simplifies these problems and it helps to bill without installing a point of sale software. It allows to release their working capital from frequent software updates, save time by avoiding data conflicts between server, critical business reports and  helps to track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale.

Restaurant pos software features

Top 6 restaurant pos software features Touch, Inventory & Recipe management, Business report, Online Integration, CRM & loyalty and Multi store management features increase your restaurant business growth, profit and make you happy.

Restaurant POS Software Features

Restaurant POS Software Features

Touch POS

Touch POS is one the most important restaurant pos software feature it helps quick and efficient restaurant billing with the touch of your fingers. Get visual representation of table status; available or occupied, stewards occupied, due-bills & KOT age in a glance

Inventory/Recipe management

Android and iOS POS India GoFrugal ServQuick for Digital India

Did you know that technology is more than just a Point of Sale system? It’s an experience to empower business owners focus on growing the food business with faster decision making.

Android & ios POS India

Android & ios POS India

Food businesses like Bakery, Ice cream, Coffee shop, Food truck, Cafe, pizza and now modern day fast food retail outlets, better known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) located everywhere with round the clock services where applied in convenient shops, drives, filling stations, schools, cash points etc. The right technology can aid this small business operations to increase more customers, profit and increasing the number of orders per day or items per bill or scaling upto many stores, the key is faster billing with easy usability and of-course this is possible with a simple & easy cloud based ios POS and android POS.

How to manage a restaurant business in single point of control ?

GoFrugal solution for the new generation restaurant business designed with an ease to understand and user friendly GUI. It provides a flexible billing, inventory management, accounts, customer management, promotions & scheme management with powerful reporting.

In the current business environment, restauranteurs are facing uncertain critical and challenges day by day. Modern restaurant industry demands more logical operations to have the right control over your restaurant management.

GoFrugal Restaurant software is a simple, secure & complete point of sale solution It designed and developed to meet the challenges and needs of small, independent & aspirational restauranteurs as well as large multi-store chains restaurants. With GoFrugal POS restauranteurs can expand the current business to wide range