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Siva Subramanian

More & more revenue is achieved from GoFrugal

Servicing Retailers is at the heart of GoFrugal, same is with our extended team, our beloved Partners

We have always provided our Partners(reseller) with the ecosystem and environment to do peaceful and healthy business, do hear out on how easy and fulfilling it is serving retailers with GoFrugal’s ARPP program

ServQuick Tablet POS – Quick & Easy

“The best solution for QSR businesses like us”, said Mr. Deepak Suresh, owner of a chain of gourmet ice cream cafes in Chennai called Amadora

Watch our video to understand why GoFrugal ServQuick??

The best thing about our ServQuick application is the self-service ecosystem. Listen to what Mr. Deepak has to say about his complete experience with GoFrugal ServQuick here

Mr. Deepak found the application with Google search and he signed himself up for a free 14 day trial and knew in and out of the application before making a purchase. Embodiment of its name, the application is quick, easy and scalable

H’appy’ Pongal and Makar Sankranti to all

Look forward to a very ‘appy’ year ahead with GoFrugal and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous festive season

GoFrugal is eager and driven towards taking our Retailers go digital. The results have been the number of useful and hit mobile apps we have launched recently. WhatsNow, EarnSmart, ServJoy, ServQuick and there is more exciting apps to come

Pongal Wishes 2016

GoFrugal Pongal Wishes 2016

Feel free to try our apps for a free trial from our page in App store and Play store. Harvest business growth to prosper and profit with our mobile apps


Wishing you more knowledge and more money this Dussehra – with GoFrugal WhatsNow

Something very special is in-store today. This Dussehra we give a revolutionary new mobile app to help our busy retailers and shop owners prosper and profit more. GoFrugal’s mission is to take our retailers go digital, and help them do business which is system driven and make their life and business much happier and richer

Our Resolution for NewYear 2015 – help Retailers with complaint resolution is Assure time and enjoy uninterrupted business

Your retail employee : Sir, we have a problem with our Retail POS System, we need help

You (Proprietor / Owner) : Hmmmm, let me call the salesperson who gave us this retail POS System and see how he can help

(you call the salesperson on his mobile phone and the following could be the responses)

The call generally ends with a pledge and a promise and lacks any assurance of results and resolutions

You know it, your business cannot wait, nor would your customers. Situations like these are scary and make you feel powerless to solve your own problems

This Diwali – upgrade your Retail with GoFrugal

Retail mix – “Product – Price – Place – Promotion”

The above 4 components are most important for a retailer. Almost every retailer uses permutations and combinations of the above to manage their everyday business. But successful retailers do a little different -

Successful Retail mix – “Product – Price – Place – Promotion – POS – Profit

POS is a very important component and complement to any retail business. It manages all the 4P’s and delivers the much needed P – Profit. Thus, choosing the right POS is very critical as it becomes the fulcrum to controlling all business operations.

‘Try before you Buy’ – Always

Consumer buying behavior is changing and shoppers are coming of age. It is seen with their demand to ‘touch, feel and experience’ any product before they buy

Evidently retailers are investing hugely in delivering the pre-sales experience to their prospects and customers. The demand from shoppers is such overwhelming that even some e-tailers are pulling up their socks and going an extra mile to enable their customers to ‘try before they buy’  and deliver the in-store experience at customers’ door steps

We would like to reciprocate the favor to our beloved retailers, well we have already begun

GoFrugal’s retail software to deliver delight

On our continuous strive to bring our products and services closer to retailers, we have addressed some major changes in the latest release of our products for our retail POS system

GoFrugal Deliver Delight

GoFrugal Delight Updates

Out of the many enhancements and other delightful stuff in our recent launches, the ones which we focused highly to deliver delight were the following -

  • Simple ‘one click’ POS set-up installation
  • Free ‘WebReporter’ – accessing reports anytime & anywhere
  • Omni-channel support
  • Build your own POS Software

GoFrugal ‘Billing software’ for Electronics shop manages your ‘Service business’ as well

If you are a retailer selling consumer electronics, chances are you net only 5-8% of margin

The above market reality is forcing the retailers to move beyond the idea of ‘Retailing as a selling’ and provide value added services to enhance their profits.

Value added services (other than selling!) in today’s Consumer Electronics retail market -

  • Exchange used products with new products (same or different brands)
  • Provide service / repair used products
  • Sell AMC and other related services

All the above solves inherent needs of Consumers. Especially, electronics Service and repairs, because all electronic devices are bound to have ‘some problems’.

True D’light – set-up and served in a day

D V Raj Sekhar and his family run 4 retail businesses. D’light Mobiles, a multi-brand mobile store, being one among them.

He had been using an accounting software to run his operations for all these businesses. D’light mobiles was his latest venture and he wanted to run it more efficiently, since his existing software had limitations:

  • It supported only Single-based user
  • The user has to be in the store to access the software
  • Store information was not available to him at an instant
  • Did not have Business Alerts and notifications