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Simple four steps barcode configuration – GoFrugal POS

GoFrugal POS BarCode Setup: Feeling difficult in managing your inventory without barcode?
Do you afraid of losing customers because of the time taken for billing? GoFrugal is now helping you to complete the barcode setup in just four steps with GoFrugal POS software.

4 Steps Process
Step 1 : Configuring barcode printer
Step 2: Selecting required fields
Step 3 : Preparing PRN file with the field names
Step 4 : Mapping prn file

Watch the barcode setup video and do the configuration in your pos system.

Top 6 Reasons why your Business needs GoFrugal POS

The top 6 reasons why your business needs GoFrugal Point of Sale System. As a business owner, you have to face the challenge of huge competition in the retail industry. How better satisfy the customer? How run your business more efficiently? How take the best decision? GoFrugal Point of Sale proposes you solution which can help take this challenge and grow your business.


  • Easy to operate, best Flexible point of sale software
  • Smart, Gives better control
  • Helps to Optimize Inventory Track
  • Reduce the theft/pilferage control
  • Retain & grow your customers

Everyone of you can be Supermarket Superstar, watch how?!

Supermarket Superstar : Do you want to become a Supermarket Superstar? There are 3 simple ways a GoFrugal supermarket software can help your business stand out, grow your business and stay relevant to market future.

  • First & Early Movers
  • Market Experts
  • Happy & Successful businessmen

GoFrugal supermarket POS Specialists can help you become superstar to your customers and be one step ahead of your competitors. Download supermarket software free with 30 Day Trial and experience it.

Take complete control of restaurant kitchen with Kitchen Display System – GoFrugal ServJoy

Do you still use handwritten tickets, kitchen printers to manage orders for your multi-kitchen restaurant? I am sure you agree this results in inaccuracies in order, delays, difficulty in handling multiple orders on the same table same time.. Yes a restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) and KOT mobile App can help improve your sales order accuracy and make order co-ordination easy for your kitchen staff

Kitchen Display System feature - ServJoy App

Kitchen Display System feature – ServJoy App

Empower your kitchen staff with restaurant mobile App GoFrugal ServJoy. The App’s designed simple UI(user interface) helps easy order taking, table based, order customization based on food preferences, merge/split orders, discounts on the bill etc and orders instantly sent to kitchen

Tips to Increase Sales for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, February 14th is one of the biggest business sales day of the year. It’s  peak selling for any type of businesses and opportunity to pull customers to your shop on this special occasion.


Tips to increase sales valentines day

Restauranteurs, especially take valentine’s day very seriously, rearranging and decorating the entire restaurant to adding couple seats to accommodate the increased number of footfalls

Retailers plan to add special touches in shop front and other ideas include complimentary drinks and specially designed valentine desserts. Retailers can increase their business in this month by giving offers, gift vouchers, releasing mass discount coupons, couple offers and manage them effectively by using         POS Solution

GoFrugal’s WhatsNow app is available for cloud based POS solution “TruePOS”

Now GoFrugal’s WhatsNow mobile app is available for cloud based point of sale solution – TruePOS. WhatsNow is a POS report app for all types of Retailers and Restaurateurs to quickly get shop information with in 10 seconds.

How WhatsNow App can empower you ?

Consider a scenario that most of us would have faced – Supplier push many products and we are confused on what to choose and decide based on intuition even though data and reports are available in the computer. Ask WhatsNow app about the item performance and get answer within 10 seconds. Decide on purchase and negotiate with more power with access to right information anywhere at the right to time to take right decision all the time

How to manage Schedule H1 drugs sales in pharmacy?

Our health and family welfare ministry notified an amendment to the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1945, it says antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis drugs will not be sold over the counter (without a prescription). Pharmacist can manage it with GoFrugal POS software as it does not allow them to sell without doctor prescription for schedule H1 drugs (includes third and fourth generation antibiotics, anti tuberculosis medicines and 46 schedule H1 drugs list )

The schedule register in GoFrugal POS will prompt for serial number, bill number, doctor name and address, patient name & address detail, medicine name, quantity sold for the schedule h1 items

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration specializes in offering web based CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) solutions to retailers. Now users can manage customer loyalty programs by integrating GoFrugal POS software with capillary CRM for redeeming the points or coupons. Giving the flexibility of running card/card less based loyalty programs and hybrid program that can offer both. Also Presents an outstanding shopping experience with real-time rewards points, recommendations, coupons and more – centered on customer.

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Keep Your Customer happy with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

New year wishes 2016 & festive greetings to friends, customer and business peoples

New Year Wishes 2016 – GoFrugal would like to wish all friends, customers and business peoples. May this New Year 2016 fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App. GoFrugal POS software solution helps to achieve your business new heights of success & growth.

new year wishes 2016

new year wishes 2016

Enjoy the new year offers & benefits form GoFrugal solution and multiply your business sales & profits with GoFrugal products “Wish you happy new year 2016 ”