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Preventive measures to fight virus/ malware/ ransomware threats

At GoFrugal, our Assure Care team is constantly focused on helping you with preventive measures so that you can enjoy uninterrupted business operations and peace of mind


Today, we would like to advise you on best practices to avoid/prevent your IT environment/computer systems from getting virus attacks, the following are what you should strictly practice in your business -

  • Install Anti-Virus and have the following security modules enabled / active – Real Time Monitoring, Proactive protection, Firewall IDS/IPS Intrusion prevention
  • Do not open attachments in emails if received from unknown sources, Don’t enable macros in documents received as attachments via email

GoFrugal Assure Care – Mobile support with myGoFrugal App, Go Digital

After your successful point of sale software implementation with GoFrugal, you may require support anytime to run your business without breakdown. Whom do you reach ? We have an exclusive GoFrugal Assure care center for you all the time prepared and ready to serve you the best.

Get to know about our transparent, well defined system which has 100% of your business and IT environment details, tracks and recognizes you with your registered contact details with us knowing you like your best buddy.

POS Reviews – Point of sale software customer reviews

The leading Retail and Restaurant POS solution provider GoFrugal Technologies is happy to share our customer testimonies. Let’s see how they simplified their business operations and how they improved their profits with GoFrugal POS

POS Reviews

Retail and Restaurant POS software customer’s quotes

Restaurant POS reviews - Amadora Mr. Deepak Suresh, Director Amadora Gourmet Ice cream says “Very intuitive, simple and scalable point of sale software in India”
Restaurant POS Customer Freshies Mr. Nikhhil Founder & Owner, Freshies Gourmet Salads says “GoFrugal Team understood my exact requirements and they provided excellent training, implementation and anytime support”

New year wishes 2016 & festive greetings to friends, customer and business peoples

New Year Wishes 2016 – GoFrugal would like to wish all friends, customers and business peoples. May this New Year 2016 fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App. GoFrugal POS software solution helps to achieve your business new heights of success & growth.

new year wishes 2016

new year wishes 2016

Enjoy the new year offers & benefits form GoFrugal solution and multiply your business sales & profits with GoFrugal products “Wish you happy new year 2016 ”

SITA IT Association Computer Carnival 2015 at Salem from 25 -27th December

Are you a Retailer or a Restaurateur who is looking to grow your business rapidly ? Benefit on the latest innovations and trends in the Retail industry ? GoFrugal is proud to present this opportunity to showcase our latest developments & innovations for retail and restaurant business. SITA (Salem IT Association) Computer Carnival 2015 is happening in Salem on 25th, 26, 27th of December 2015. GoFrugal will be exhibiting & showcasing our products & solution at SITA IT Association Event.


Please do not miss to get a chance to play our new super-hit app WhatsNow mobile app. Join our league of 25000+ happy retail and restaurant business owners

Diwali wishes 2015 for all friends, customers and business peoples

10th November 2015 Diwali wishes to all friends, customers and business peoples. May this Diwali fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App


Diwali wishes 2015

Innovations 2015 – GoFrugal Helping Retailers “Go Delight”

“Celebrate the victory of knowledge”

innovations 2015

innovations 2015

Another Rockstar year with many enhancements,announcements,Apps..

  • 7+ new product launches
  • Mobile app pilot launches WhatsNow, myGoFrugal coming soon
  • 150+ custom licenses or add-on solutions
  • POS Integrations E-commerce Zepo, Magento etc
  • Bio metric login with SecuGen, Smart card integration for loyalty, Capillary loyalty and many more
  • Major upgrades – Smart Report, Smart Installer, Database Manager, Data Security and more
  • Weekly Releases of all products, about 200 releases with more than 500 new features and enhancements & 1000+ product improvements and bug fixes

GoFrugal’s myDelight app – taking the digital road

100% Customer-Connect through myDelight Mobile App

We are overwhelmed to know that our customers have taken a keen interest in our new app, GoFrugal myDelight (available in Google Play store) and have also inquired about its pricing and licensing policies. However we are here to clarify that this app has been designed for our employees to ensure that we can provide 100% customer-connect.

GoFrugal myDelight

GoFrugal myDelight

POS Integration with eCommerce stores

Retailers facing problem to manage their physical & online eCommerce stores operation so they need a technology to maintain their successful business journey. GoFrugal’s retail experts providing new era technology POS integration which helps to synchronize the physical & eCommerce  store operations.

POS integration with eCommerce stores will synchronize critical information like item, inventory, order, shipping, and customer data.

POS Integration with eCommerce Stores

POS Integration with eCommerce Stores

Benefits of POS integration with eCommerce stores

  • Introducing new products to market will get faster and easier.
  • Easy to manage pricing and promotions
  • Optimizing stock allocation based on the sales happen at different channels.

Have you experienced 24/7?

No! I didn’t mean 24th July… I meant, if you have experienced a satisfactory 24×7 support from your POS provider…. Thinking? or puzzled ?? – You should be!

Your business runs round the clock which means you are prone to come up with doubts in the POS software you use & nor can you assure that all your staff are experienced with it(*It should’ve rung a bell now*).. In such an occasion were you able to contact your POS provider to get your queries clarified? Immediately? In the channel you wanted to?