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Everyone of you can be Supermarket Superstar, watch how?!

Supermarket Superstar : Do you want to become a Supermarket Superstar? There are 3 simple ways a GoFrugal supermarket software can help your business stand out, grow your business and stay relevant to market future.

  • First & Early Movers
  • Market Experts
  • Happy & Successful businessmen

GoFrugal supermarket POS Specialists can help you become superstar to your customers and be one step ahead of your competitors. Download supermarket software free with 30 Day Trial and experience it.

A day of Retailer, changed with the power of a mobile App

Mr Chandrakumar, Owner of Latha Super Bazaar chain of retail stores in Chennai is a very busy business man. When he started his business wanting to automate, he had evaluated 10 different retail POS solutions in the market, not any matched with his growing business needs, he is very glad he found the right business partner. More than 10+ years now, Mr Chandrakumar is an extremely satisfied user of GoFrugal Supermarket Point of Sale Software

Latha super bazaar - POS customer chennai India

‘WhatsNow’ For Retail & Restaurant Business – GoFrugal POS App

Did you know that the biggest challenge for Retail & Restauranteurs  is to interpret their huge business store data to make better informed decisions at the right time ? Accurate data not only gives you clear insight on the business performance, but keeps competitive and profitable. Track your on-shelf availability, determine re-orders, where/when/which items are selling, identify production Vs Sales quantity, know the wastage etc.POS AppAll POS systems track data, at GoFrugal the new revolutionary POS App summarizes the above info in less then 10 secs,

Wow! How ?

Cloud POS – Why does your business need Cloud POS software?

Now a days Retail and Restaurant business industry require a Cloud POS Software because they are facing more challenges on daily basis like hardware cost, additional antivirus  software for data security and software installation issues makes more complication to run their business peacefully.

Cloud POS Software

Cloud POS Software

GoFrugal Cloud POS Solution simplifies these problems and it helps to bill without installing a point of sale software. It allows to release their working capital from frequent software updates, save time by avoiding data conflicts between server, critical business reports and  helps to track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale.

Retail and Restaurant POS Software Features

Complexity of Retail details 100% automation of transactions & operations to measure/improve & monetize
Our comprehensive POS features are designed for complete automation on all retail and restaurant operations from purchase, landing cost measurements, price-management, re-orders & aided with simple & actionable reports to manage day to day operations

POS Software Features

Retail & Restaurant POS Software Features

GoFrugal’s POS features including purchase, services, pricing, reorder, security, billing, inventory, invoice and tender management.

Purchase based features : It includes the following features fast inward entry,  landing cost calculation,  automatic selling price update based on mark-up/ mark-down, goods inward, verify & stock update, profit & gross margin and distributor wise formula.

POS Reviews – Point of sale software customer reviews

The leading Retail and Restaurant POS solution provider GoFrugal Technologies is happy to share our customer testimonies. Let’s see how they simplified their business operations and how they improved their profits with GoFrugal POS

POS Reviews

Retail and Restaurant POS software customer’s quotes

Restaurant POS reviews - Amadora Mr. Deepak Suresh, Director Amadora Gourmet Ice cream says “Very intuitive, simple and scalable point of sale software in India”
Restaurant POS Customer Freshies Mr. Nikhhil Founder & Owner, Freshies Gourmet Salads says “GoFrugal Team understood my exact requirements and they provided excellent training, implementation and anytime support”

New year wishes 2016 & festive greetings to friends, customer and business peoples

New Year Wishes 2016 – GoFrugal would like to wish all friends, customers and business peoples. May this New Year 2016 fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App. GoFrugal POS software solution helps to achieve your business new heights of success & growth.

new year wishes 2016

new year wishes 2016

Enjoy the new year offers & benefits form GoFrugal solution and multiply your business sales & profits with GoFrugal products “Wish you happy new year 2016 ”

Retail App WhatsNow

This conversation happened between a customer Smartie & A GoFrugal employee Amit, It will help to understand what is WhatsNow and its benefits and how to use it.

Retail App WhatsNow

Retail App WhatsNow

Customer Mr Smartie : Hi
GoFrugal employee Amit : Hi smartie, we welcome you to GoFrugal solutions.

Smartie : I need some clarifications about WhatsNow
Amit : Yes Smartie I am happy to help you, please share your doubts/ requirements

Smartie : Now I Installed your WhatsNow app and I can access your demo version, How can I get WhatsNow App license?
Amit : WhatsNow App license is complementary with ‘on-time’ ASA renewal of GoFrugal POS solutions

Diwali wishes 2015 for all friends, customers and business peoples

10th November 2015 Diwali wishes to all friends, customers and business peoples. May this Diwali fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App


Diwali wishes 2015

Are you an unhappy retailer?

There are many articles and suggestions available on the internet regarding how a busy retailer can balance their work and life. Well, they are quite insightful, only very impractical. They focus on points like “Talk through busy times” , “Leave a small message” etc. If you are a busy and unhappy retailer, pretty sure you’d understand why I said its “impractical”. What they miss is a very logical way to make it possible. Would you believe? Integrating the correct technology in your business can actually reduce all the stress and can bring immense joy in your life.

Unhappy Retailer

Unhappy Retailer