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Wholesale Distribution Business Management Software Solution – GoFrugal

GoFrugal’s distribution business management software – A comprehensive software solution for centralized distribution management of complete downstream supply chain network, stockists, warehouse and distribution centers.

Wholesale Distribution Business Management Software Solution

Wholesale Distribution Management Solution

Supported Business Modules:

1) Manufacturer central warehouse
2) C&A / C&F’s
3) Stockist / Super Stockist
4) Warehouse / Distribution center
5) Distributors / Sub-stockists
6) Wholesalers / Agencies

Supported Business Types:

1) FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods distribution)
2) Processed & Packaged Foods like Milk, oil, Packaged drinking water, Groceries and ready to eat food
3) Personal care & Cosmetics
4) Lubricants
5) Generic Pharma, Patent Pharma, Surgical & Medical equipment, Veterinary Pharma, Alternative medicines  like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha and Organic &  Biological healthcare business
6) Bio-tech Products
7) Stationery
8) Pesticides, Manures & Animal Feeds

Supply Chain Management Software – GoFrugal (Wholesale & distribution Solution)

We are very happy to announce the market release of GoFrugal Solution for Multi-outlet Wholesale Distribution and down-stream supply chain management businesses. This release re-enforces our belief that transparency is always the best policy

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software

About 2 years back, we communicated our decision  to stop marketing Distribution Solutions. We also communicated to our customers that we will continue to support the customers using the product till March 31, 2016. While our customers and the market recognized GoFrugal DE product as the most in-depth and comprehensive supply chain management software to manage the distribution business, we were challenged on the business side. Distribution business was service intensive and we wanted to take time out to enhance our product & service ensuring the update to be long term, healthy for our customers

‘WhatsNow’ For Retail & Restaurant Business – GoFrugal POS App

Did you know that the biggest challenge for Retail & Restauranteurs  is to interpret their huge business store data to make better informed decisions at the right time ? Accurate data not only gives you clear insight on the business performance, but keeps competitive and profitable. Track your on-shelf availability, determine re-orders, where/when/which items are selling, identify production Vs Sales quantity, know the wastage etc.POS AppAll POS systems track data, at GoFrugal the new revolutionary POS App summarizes the above info in less then 10 secs,

Wow! How ?

How to manage Schedule H1 drugs sales in pharmacy?

Our health and family welfare ministry notified an amendment to the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1945, it says antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis drugs will not be sold over the counter (without a prescription). Pharmacist can manage it with GoFrugal POS software as it does not allow them to sell without doctor prescription for schedule H1 drugs (includes third and fourth generation antibiotics, anti tuberculosis medicines and 46 schedule H1 drugs list )

The schedule register in GoFrugal POS will prompt for serial number, bill number, doctor name and address, patient name & address detail, medicine name, quantity sold for the schedule h1 items

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration specializes in offering web based CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) solutions to retailers. Now users can manage customer loyalty programs by integrating GoFrugal POS software with capillary CRM for redeeming the points or coupons. Giving the flexibility of running card/card less based loyalty programs and hybrid program that can offer both. Also Presents an outstanding shopping experience with real-time rewards points, recommendations, coupons and more – centered on customer.

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Keep Your Customer happy with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Retail and Restaurant POS Software Features

Complexity of Retail details 100% automation of transactions & operations to measure/improve & monetize
Our comprehensive POS features are designed for complete automation on all retail and restaurant operations from purchase, landing cost measurements, price-management, re-orders & aided with simple & actionable reports to manage day to day operations

POS Software Features

Retail & Restaurant POS Software Features

GoFrugal’s POS features including purchase, services, pricing, reorder, security, billing, inventory, invoice and tender management.

Purchase based features : It includes the following features fast inward entry,  landing cost calculation,  automatic selling price update based on mark-up/ mark-down, goods inward, verify & stock update, profit & gross margin and distributor wise formula.

POS Reviews – Point of sale software customer reviews

The leading Retail and Restaurant POS solution provider GoFrugal Technologies is happy to share our customer testimonies. Let’s see how they simplified their business operations and how they improved their profits with GoFrugal POS

POS Reviews

Retail and Restaurant POS software customer’s quotes

Restaurant POS reviews - Amadora Mr. Deepak Suresh, Director Amadora Gourmet Ice cream says “Very intuitive, simple and scalable point of sale software in India”
Restaurant POS Customer Freshies Mr. Nikhhil Founder & Owner, Freshies Gourmet Salads says “GoFrugal Team understood my exact requirements and they provided excellent training, implementation and anytime support”

New year wishes 2016 & festive greetings to friends, customer and business peoples

New Year Wishes 2016 – GoFrugal would like to wish all friends, customers and business peoples. May this New Year 2016 fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App. GoFrugal POS software solution helps to achieve your business new heights of success & growth.

new year wishes 2016

new year wishes 2016

Enjoy the new year offers & benefits form GoFrugal solution and multiply your business sales & profits with GoFrugal products “Wish you happy new year 2016 ”

SITA IT Association Computer Carnival 2015 at Salem from 25 -27th December

Are you a Retailer or a Restaurateur who is looking to grow your business rapidly ? Benefit on the latest innovations and trends in the Retail industry ? GoFrugal is proud to present this opportunity to showcase our latest developments & innovations for retail and restaurant business. SITA (Salem IT Association) Computer Carnival 2015 is happening in Salem on 25th, 26, 27th of December 2015. GoFrugal will be exhibiting & showcasing our products & solution at SITA IT Association Event.


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Diwali wishes 2015 for all friends, customers and business peoples

10th November 2015 Diwali wishes to all friends, customers and business peoples. May this Diwali fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App


Diwali wishes 2015