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Supply Chain Management Software – GoFrugal (Wholesale & distribution Solution)

We are very happy to announce the market release of GoFrugal Solution for Multi-outlet Wholesale Distribution and down-stream supply chain management businesses. This release re-enforces our belief that transparency is always the best policy

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software

About 2 years back, we communicated our decision  to stop marketing Distribution Solutions. We also communicated to our customers that we will continue to support the customers using the product till March 31, 2016. While our customers and the market recognized GoFrugal DE product as the most in-depth and comprehensive supply chain management software to manage the distribution business, we were challenged on the business side. Distribution business was service intensive and we wanted to take time out to enhance our product & service ensuring the update to be long term, healthy for our customers

POS Reviews – Point of sale software customer reviews

The leading Retail and Restaurant POS solution provider GoFrugal Technologies is happy to share our customer testimonies. Let’s see how they simplified their business operations and how they improved their profits with GoFrugal POS

POS Reviews

Retail and Restaurant POS software customer’s quotes

Restaurant POS reviews - Amadora Mr. Deepak Suresh, Director Amadora Gourmet Ice cream says “Very intuitive, simple and scalable point of sale software in India”
Restaurant POS Customer Freshies Mr. Nikhhil Founder & Owner, Freshies Gourmet Salads says “GoFrugal Team understood my exact requirements and they provided excellent training, implementation and anytime support”

Cloud POS Customer Success Story – New Horizon Media (NHM)

New Horizon Media (aka) NHM – a Chennai based publishing house, has 5 outlets and is into the business of publishing, distributing and retailing books. They publish in multi – languages and multi-formats, providing readers with a spell-bounding experience. They sell books from many outlets and book exhibitions through the options of print, audio books, DVDs and more. Published over 1300 titles ( 80% fiction and 20% non- fiction ) across 3 languages, their catalog includes brand titles like Varam, Prodigy, Nalam, MiniMax, Oxygen Books and Indian writing.

NHM Cloud POS Customer Success Story

NHM – GoFrugal’s Cloud POS Customer Success Story

Diwali wishes 2015 for all friends, customers and business peoples

10th November 2015 Diwali wishes to all friends, customers and business peoples. May this Diwali fulfill your business dreams & give us more opportunities to work together. Be ready for the future, be a digital retailer

Go Frugal, Go Digital, Go Delight with myGoFrugal App


Diwali wishes 2015

A multi store software customer feedback

A multi store software customer Angels family stop pvt ltd is a life style & fashion store based on Chennai and currently they operating three stores and planning to open one more store. In line with their slogan, “All under one roof”, they maintain wide range of product categories such as fancy, gift items, toys, cosmetic, jewelery, hand bags, baby products, lingerie etc.

Multi store software

Multi store software

Angels’ business challenge

Food Travels, so did our POS

Have we all not travelled long and to the nooks and corners to treat our taste buds to the sumptuous dishes? Aryaas, India’s finest fusion restaurant which serves north and south Indian classics has made many a food lovers to visit and treat themselves in Chennai. Good food, indeed, travels. Isn’t it true for all the good things? They find their way to the aspirants

Restaurant POS customer

Restaurant POS Customer Feedback

GoFrugal Restaurant POS, also travelled to Aryaas SaudiArabian outlet, thanks to Mr. Ahmed, who manages Aryaas store operations in Chennai, recommended it as a business automation tool, considering his delightful experience with GoFrugal

Chill Bro Paletas! & this is how we rolled out with ServQuick

iPad POS Customer Chill Bro Paletas

iPad POS Customer Chill Bro Paletas

Chill Bro Paletas – The Paleta makers! GoFrugal’s relation with Chill Bro Paletas started since the day they downloaded ServQuick from iTunes. They were trying their hands on it for quite few days and one fine morning, we were happy to find these guys opting out with ServQuick iPad POS. And this is when we got the proof of the pudding in our hand. There wasn’t a call from the Paleta makers either during their trial nor when they implemented the solution on their own.

GoFrugal Pharmacy Software solved 20years of hardship at Dr.Vijayakumar’s pharmacy

Dr.VijayaKumar & his wife Dr.Lakshmi vijayakumar started this psychiatric clinic attached with pharmacy 25 years back. For nearly 2 decades they used an old DOS based pharmacy software created by their own IT technicians. Over a period of time they found it difficult to manage their day to day process, as the DOS software had no feature to handle schedule drug  and was functioning very slow. As they have to handle schedule drugs in most cases, they need to keep track of it accurately as in to which customer they sold out too along with doctor details

Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software

How Icehouse medicals benefited by using GoFrugal’s Pharmacy POS software

Mr. Haja Mohideen started his medical shop 21 years back. It is one of the oldest pharmacies in Triplicane.  Nearly for 14 years he ran his business without any pharmacy pos software. He manually managed his business operations.

But what brought a change in his mindset? The competition he had with other Pharma retailers?

Pharmacy POS Software

Pharmacy Software

Not exactly, it had two reasons behind it. One, he had challenges in maintaining stock, expiry item and schedule H drugs.  Second one was customers mindset got changed and he had no option than adapting to it. Even his regular customers stopped visiting his shop. When he enquired about this, he was amazed to know from his customers that they expect better customer experience and prefer going to a shop where there is no queue and quick billing. That struck his mind hard