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Customer Loyalty Management

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration specializes in offering web based CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) solutions to retailers. Now users can manage customer loyalty programs by integrating GoFrugal POS software with capillary CRM for redeeming the points or coupons. Giving the flexibility of running card/card less based loyalty programs and hybrid program that can offer both. Also Presents an outstanding shopping experience with real-time rewards points, recommendations, coupons and more – centered on customer.

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

Keep Your Customer happy with GoFrugal POS

Capillary integration with GoFrugal POS

“Green Season’s loyalty secret​”

A unique loyalty that creates customer who creates customers

Mr.Sanjay & Mr.Sourabh the two most young aspiring entrepreneurs in Maharashtra.  Started “Green season” in 2013 with lots of dreams. After initial struggle for 6 months, they decided to get feed back from customers and buy a reliable software that can help them in all ways

loyalty management software

Customer loyalty management software

Loyalty management software helped them change the business strategy and do in a exclusive ad different way to catch the attraction of customers

  • Regular SMS to customers on new arrival, recipes, benefits of specific vegetables and about offer schemes.

How to upgrade/downgrade Customer Loyalty Cards and redeem Loyalty Points?

OK, so you have created and assigned customer loyalty card(s) to various outlets. And you have built up your loyal customer base too. But a loyal customer who makes a regular purchase for bill value of over 1500 cannot be treated the same as the customer whose purchase bill value is hovering around 500.  In other words, how do you group loyal customers based on their purchasing power & provide different privileges?

Loyal card up-gradation/down-gradation

Use this feature to upgrade Gold card customers to Platinum card or downgrade them to Silver card. The module will automatically adjust the loyalty points balance accordingly. But wait… Aren’t you concerned of one thing that we have not addressed until now?

How to manage loyalty programs from HO to various stores?

Your retail mix is the only reason shoppers visit your store. So, a better catchment will not delight them – after all they are in your store only for this very reason. But that’s where your loyalty management program comes in handy.

Because you can reward them for what they consider it as a mundane task – shopping. That’s how you delight customers. Further, a properly designed loyalty program not only rewards loyal customers, but also helps you provide a window to understand them more – what are they like, why do they buy what they buy, and finally, how do they see you (your retail store)!