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A day of Retailer, changed with the power of a mobile App

Mr Chandrakumar, Owner of Latha Super Bazaar chain of retail stores in Chennai is a very busy business man. When he started his business wanting to automate, he had evaluated 10 different retail POS solutions in the market, not any matched with his growing business needs, he is very glad he found the right business partner. More than 10+ years now, Mr Chandrakumar is an extremely satisfied user of GoFrugal Supermarket Point of Sale Software

Latha super bazaar - POS customer chennai India

GoFrugal’s WhatsNow app is available for cloud based POS solution “TruePOS”

Now GoFrugal’s WhatsNow mobile app is available for cloud based point of sale solution – TruePOS. WhatsNow is a POS report app for all types of Retailers and Restaurateurs to quickly get shop information with in 10 seconds.

How WhatsNow App can empower you ?

Consider a scenario that most of us would have faced – Supplier push many products and we are confused on what to choose and decide based on intuition even though data and reports are available in the computer. Ask WhatsNow app about the item performance and get answer within 10 seconds. Decide on purchase and negotiate with more power with access to right information anywhere at the right to time to take right decision all the time