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‘WhatsNow’ For Retail & Restaurant Business – GoFrugal POS App

Did you know that the biggest challenge for Retail & Restauranteurs  is to interpret their huge business store data to make better informed decisions at the right time ? Accurate data not only gives you clear insight on the business performance, but keeps competitive and profitable. Track your on-shelf availability, determine re-orders, where/when/which items are selling, identify production Vs Sales quantity, know the wastage etc.POS AppAll POS systems track data, at GoFrugal the new revolutionary POS App summarizes the above info in less then 10 secs,

Wow! How ?

Why GoFrugal POS solution is fit to your business ?

GoFrugal POS solution created with required and necessary features like mobile alerts, sms, bar-code, RFID and smart card to provide comprehensive solution to retail and restaurant businesses with point of sale software. We also provide distribution solutions among with the entire trade supply chain ecosystems which includes supplier, customer, partner, distributor, dealer, service provider, franchisee and franchisor.

GoFrugal POS Solutions Suported Businesses

Supported Businesses by GoFrugal POS Solutions

POS Features

  • GoFrugal billing software provides inventory tracking, finance & Accounting  for retail & restaurant single store and multi-stores
  • Mobile Solution for warehouse management retail operations & field mobility applications

A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

GoFrugal’s POS feature “Guest seating and service” is more helpful to manage single and multi-store restaurant business easier.

Restaurant Guest Seating and Service

A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

Features :

- A dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary which table is occupied & available

- Flexible, user friendly touch screen and UI : counter staff/steward/cashier can work fast & accurately

- Identify which ‘Captain’ and ‘Steward’ is serving which table and the number of guests

- Report to monitor dine in, take away and delivery details

Retail and Restaurant POS Software Features

Complexity of Retail details 100% automation of transactions & operations to measure/improve & monetize
Our comprehensive POS features are designed for complete automation on all retail and restaurant operations from purchase, landing cost measurements, price-management, re-orders & aided with simple & actionable reports to manage day to day operations

POS Software Features

Retail & Restaurant POS Software Features

GoFrugal’s POS features including purchase, services, pricing, reorder, security, billing, inventory, invoice and tender management.

Purchase based features : It includes the following features fast inward entry,  landing cost calculation,  automatic selling price update based on mark-up/ mark-down, goods inward, verify & stock update, profit & gross margin and distributor wise formula.

POS Reviews – Point of sale software customer reviews

The leading Retail and Restaurant POS solution provider GoFrugal Technologies is happy to share our customer testimonies. Let’s see how they simplified their business operations and how they improved their profits with GoFrugal POS

POS Reviews

Retail and Restaurant POS software customer’s quotes

Restaurant POS reviews - Amadora Mr. Deepak Suresh, Director Amadora Gourmet Ice cream says “Very intuitive, simple and scalable point of sale software in India”
Restaurant POS Customer Freshies Mr. Nikhhil Founder & Owner, Freshies Gourmet Salads says “GoFrugal Team understood my exact requirements and they provided excellent training, implementation and anytime support”

Cloud POS Customer Success Story – New Horizon Media (NHM)

New Horizon Media (aka) NHM – a Chennai based publishing house, has 5 outlets and is into the business of publishing, distributing and retailing books. They publish in multi – languages and multi-formats, providing readers with a spell-bounding experience. They sell books from many outlets and book exhibitions through the options of print, audio books, DVDs and more. Published over 1300 titles ( 80% fiction and 20% non- fiction ) across 3 languages, their catalog includes brand titles like Varam, Prodigy, Nalam, MiniMax, Oxygen Books and Indian writing.

NHM Cloud POS Customer Success Story

NHM – GoFrugal’s Cloud POS Customer Success Story

GoFrugal POS Software helps you to keep retail store backup on cloud

GoFrugal POS software Database backup can be stored on cloud with free of cost.

GoFrugal POS Software

POS backup on cloud

Did you know “remote control” and “disaster recovery” is one of the critical challenge to running your retail business?

What would happen if one day all your POS system crashes and lost your store data ? The challenge is not to restore the data but cost of time, effort & opportunity lost.

Benefits of GoFrugal POS Software Database:

POS Point Of Sale – Setup Installation Process

Search Shortlist Try & Buy a retail software with your complete knowledge and satisfaction. Once you downloaded the Go Frugal retail POS software then follow the steps to installing the set-up.

POS Point Of Sale

POS Point Of Sale

1. Go set-up and link Run. This will take you to the GoFrugal RPOS7 POS setup wizard and click next then POS application verifies your the system configuration.

2. The license agreement screen will be displayed after verifying the system configuration.

3. Select the option ‘I accept the agreement and click next.

Bang on target!

A Proud Moment


On July 8, 2013, we woke up to the news (literally a news!) of Bangs, one of our esteemed customers, covered in the daily The Economic Times. We are delighted to be their trusted technology solutions partner.

However, regardless of the roles we play,  GoFrugal is excited to share and celebrate with you, the success of Bangs. We believe in basking in the glory of our customers. For, such a success is actually a celebration of the mutual trust we have kept on each other.