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A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

GoFrugal’s POS feature “Guest seating and service” is more helpful to manage single and multi-store restaurant business easier.

Restaurant Guest Seating and Service

A POS feature for restaurant business – Guest seating management

Features :

- A dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary which table is occupied & available

- Flexible, user friendly touch screen and UI : counter staff/steward/cashier can work fast & accurately

- Identify which ‘Captain’ and ‘Steward’ is serving which table and the number of guests

- Report to monitor dine in, take away and delivery details

Do you deliver orders or food?

Point of sale solution for restaurants

What does your POS see?

Your answer might surprise you.

Because, while you deliver food, your POS view it differently – orders, kitchen, bill etc. Consider this figure.

But most POS systems are blind to this view…which is dangerous.

A simple ‘missing link’ affects a restaurateur. For a system that can’t map order to a recipe & create Kitchen Order Token (KOT), cannot show you the big picture.

GoFrugal’s restaurant POS system does it for you. It even comes with an add-on mobile app for order taking.

Give it a try.