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Customer feedback mobile app
Customer Satisfaction
Measure & track customer from feedback surveys and provide the best service
Retail customer feedback app
Fully customizable app
Add your business logo on myPulse and delight customers with a personalized outlook
Feedback app - multiple chain stores
Multi-location access
Get feedback from multiple locations, access reports under one roof to see satisfaction level indications
Instant feedback from your customers
Offline & Doorstep feedback
Record cutomer responses on your app even when offline. Send share links to record feedback from customer's phone
Customer feedback analysis and rating
Intelligent Insights
Understand your business better with real-time analytics & powerful filters to make data backed decisions that positively impacts your growth

Effective ways to use customer feedback

When customer pays at Billing Counter
On a smartphone while billing
Embed links on Social media/website
QR code scanning at Table / bill / counters / delivery boxes

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  1. What is myPulse?
    myPulse is a mobile application that is sxclusively built to capture user experiences and satisfaction levels. These feedback will be recorded, managed, consolidated to provide your business with all the insights to improve the overall customer experience.
  2. Is myPulse available on android?
    Yes. myPulse is available both on android and iOS.
  3. Will myPulse work both on mobiles and tablets?
    Yes, myPulse works both on mobile phones and tablets.
  4. What type of feedback can I get from myPulse?
    You can get feedback comments and use smileys, stars and other graphic customizations to get feedback from your customers.
  5. Is myPulse a free app?
    No. myPulse comes with a free trial of upto 7 days after which it will be a monthly/annual subscription. Check out the prices here.
  6. Is myPulse available in all Countries?
    Yes, myPulse is available in all countries.
  7. Can I use myPulse on multiple devices with a single license?
    No. You will not be able to use myPulse in multiple devices until you have multiple licenses.
  8. Can I manage my chain of stores with myPulse?
    Yes, you can manage your chain of outlets and get consolidated feedback reports.
  9. Does myPulse work offline?
    Yes, myPulse works offline. The information will then be synched when you go online.
  10. Does myPulse have reports?
    Yes, myPulse does give you consolidated feedback reports from which you can get business insights.
  11. How will I track the feedback from myPulse?
    The feedback will be tracked and will be displayed in the web version where it can be tracked.
  12. Can I have my own logo on myPulse?
    Yes, myPulse can be personalized with your own logo and name.
  13. I have a GoFrugal POS. Will I be able to link/integrate myPulse with my POS?
    Yes, you can integrate your GoFrugal POS with myPulse.
  14. If I fail to renew my subscription, will myPulse work?
    No, myPulse will not work if your fail to renew your subscription.
  15. Does myPulse work with other POS Billing system?
    No. myPulse does not support other POS system integrations.