POS Reseller Dealers Partner Program Benefits

Being a consultative business selling, our collaborative approach varies as per the Partnership Engagement and your readiness levels. Based on these, we work with you to help you acquire/expand the necessary skill set to spot the oppurtunity, develop the market and further our market share, till you experience your 'first moment of profit'. Become a dealer, reseller and tap into the huge retail potential. Service the demand and grow your profits.

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Path to Profit

  Solution Partner
Identify & Implement
Sales Partner
Identify & Install
Referral Partner
Just Identify
Spot Oppurtunity Reseller spot Oppurtunity Dealer spot oppurtunity Partner spot oppurtunity
Demo & Solutioning POS reseller demo & solutioning POS dealer demo & solutioning Retailer demo & solutioning
Sales Closure Dealer - Sales Closure Reseller sales closure Partner sales closure
Installation & Activation Installer & activation Installer & activation Installer & activation
Product Delivery Product Delivery Product Delivery Product Delivery
Assure 24x7 Support GoFrugal GoFrugal GoFrugal
Partner Revenue Partner Revenue Partner Revenue Partner Revenue
POS reseller partner program * Indicates engagements of solution partner

What our partner reseller say?

Retail in UAE will reach AED 200 billion by 2017. Retailers with best tools and techniques make the maximum share of the revenue. With GoFrugal, a proven POS & digital solutions provider, we plan to equip our fellow retailers with simple to use, technically advanced products with mobile apps to ensure peace of mind and profits. Everyone is open to try all GoFrugal products for free

Mr. Jose Thadayus - Zubair Group, UAE

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Be assured of accelerated & combined growth and start enjoying the benefits by connecting to our global partner dealer network. If you have any more queries, address them to partners@gofrugal.com. We will get back to you immediately. If you are confident though, JOIN NOW