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WhatsNow POS report app

POS report app with simple Q&A

Make the right decision all the time with anywhere access to right information

Drive more profits with insight into your store data

100% data accuracy as business becomes system driven

Lower operating cost, no validation & dependency on data
Higher profit due to improved decision making: product, price, supplier, quantity
Higher inventory turnover, no more dead or expired stock
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Why WhatsNow Retail Report app?

  • WhatsNow POS report app is a must-have and innovative new retail information access app for Retailers to take right decision all the time with anywhere access to right information
  • Everyday, suppliers push many products and retailers have to choose the right products to buy, its quantity and price. With WhatsNow app, get information within 10 second on the item sales history, margin realized on it etc. and negotiate for the best offer and have much meaningful discussions with suppliers and profit more
  • Operate business remotely, take instant action on all problems you identify with WhatsNow and solve it by creating a task with context to your employees using Task Manager. Click here to take a quick tour
  • Make the business more and more data driven with POS report app
  • Catch up on all the latest developments on Release Notes

User reviews

"WoW! This is one of the best things I've ever seen from a POS software. It feels great to be connected to my shop always"
Mr. Nestor Castillano - Nestleigh Pharmacy, Phillipines
Prem Kumar
Save Supermarket, Malaysia
The next level of POS system This app has brought the POS system to the next level.. brilliant app which make our life easier. Thanks to the developers..
Krishnan Padmasri
Praveen tubes Coporation, India
You things & thought all are good u r go to another level whatsnow app very good for ours
Prathik Rao
Roony 10, India
Brilliant app This app is a lifesaver. It helped organise everything in one go
Eldho joseph
Eldho joseph, India
Awesome Retail Report App for better Business Management
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Frequently asked questions

  1. I have GoFrugal POS and I want to get WhatsNow license, tell me how?
    'On-time' ASA renewal gives access to one complimentary WhatsNow license
  2. What if I missed renewing my ASA on time? How can I still get WhatsNow App?
    Failure to renew ASA on-time, will not warrant any complimentary services/licenses. Renew ASA along with late payment charges and WhatsNow licenses can only be purchased at Rs.8000/user (Inclusive of Tax), ASA charges on the purchased WhatsNow license apply at Rs.2000/user/year from the subsequent year of activation
  3. How many licenses can I get?
    No limit. Additional licenses can be purchased for Rs. 8000 / per user (inclusive of taxes). ASA (Annual support assurance charges) apply for WhatsNow licenses purchased
  4. What is the ASA cost for the additional WhatsNow App license purchased?
    It is Rs.2,000 / per user / per year - chargeable from the subsequent year of WhatsNow activation
  5. I have missed to renew the ASA, after activating my complimentary WhatsNow license, will WhatsNow still work?
    Complimentary license of WhatsNow will be deactivated if ASA is not renewed 'on-time'. Afterwhich you will only have to pay and buy WhatsNow license. To ensure complimentary WhatsNow licence does not get deactivated, 'on-time' ASA renewal is mandatory/recommended
  6. Can WhatsNow POS report app be connected to chain store outlets?
    Yes. WhatsNow HQ can help chain store owners to fetch their store data in single click
  7. Is Whatsnow supported for all of the GoFrugal products?
    WhatsNow is available for RPOS7, RPOS6.5, DE6, HQ, ServQuick & TruePOS.
  8. Can WhatsNow App be connected with 3rd party POS application?
    No, WhatsNow report app is an add-on which works only with GoFrugal POS solution
  9. What is the minimum OS version that supports WhatsNow App?
    Android kitkat 4.4 and above and available on App store for iOS 6 version onwards
  10. How to integrate WhatsNow App to GoFrugal POS ?
  11. What benefits do I get from WhatsNow App?
    1. Increased sales
    2. Boost in profits with right purchase
    3. Earn more by rotating inventory faster
    4. Reduce inventory wastage
    5. Make the right decision all the time with anywhere access to right information and more benefits.