• Create Sales QuotationCreate Sales Quotation
  • Create Sales OrderCreate Sales Order
  • Create Invoice Against Sales OrderFinalizing The Sales Bill
  • Current Stock ReportCurrent Stock Report
  • Non Transacted Items ReportNon Transacted Items Report
  • Physical Stock Take ModulePhysical Stock Take Module
  • Post Stock Update Verification for Approval and AdjustmentPost Stock Update Verification
  • Promotion Schemes Creation MenuPromotions and Offer Creation
  • Customer ProfilingCustomer Management
  • Loyalty Program CreationCustomer Management
  • Business Flash Card at Outlet LevelBusiness Flash Card at Outlet Level
  • Dashboard ReportsBusiness Analysis
  • Stock Analysis - AgewiseStock Analysis - Agewise
  • Issue Materials for Sub ContractingIssue Materials for Sub Contracting
  • Purchase Formula CreationPurchase Management
  • Purchase Order CreationPurchase Order Creation
  • Security Manager - User ID CreationSecurity
  • Financial Statement - P & LFinancial Accounting
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