GoFrugal launched a very cost effective centralized data management solution for retail chains named as VSS Store Server. It is a system that supports specific set of transactions, this system is connected via a broadband to a POS server. VSS can work in both online and offline mode. Their can be multiple VSS Store servers Locations. At VSS data synchronization process is done manually, data is transferred in compressed format which makes data transfer process fast

Multi-location Retail Solution - VSS Client

Business requirements
  • Central Purchase management for all stores. No Local purchase.
  • Stores are having only billing.
  • Data to be viewed centrally from any point.
Customer Management
Customer Product Enquiry form
Customer Item List
Sales Billing
Sales Return
Delivery Note
Delivery Note Return
Sales Order
Till Management
Offers & Promotion & loyalty management
Delivery Status
Stock Ledger
Opening Stock
Stock Updation
Barcode Printing
Change Selling
Business Intelligence
Business Flash Card
Dash Board

Cash hand Over
All Sales Related Report

How VSS Store Server(VSS) works?
Data Server/Warehouse
All Purchases are done here.
Stock transferred from here to VSS location (Branch /outlet) on demand.
Data Server/Warehouse receives all transactional data from VSS location(s) and stored in Data Server Which makes it possible to have overall data centrally for viewing as and when required.

VSS Store Server (Branch/outlet)
It's just a selling point. That means, only sales transactions are allowed at VSS.
Basically it works in off-line as well as online mode.
Data synchronization with Data Server / Warehouse can be done at short intervals. Auto sync or download of data can be scheduled
Store manager can search for product availability at other VSS locations including warehouse. [ This feature works only in online mode ].
Store manager can enquire about customer outstanding details. [ This feature works only in online mode ].
Customer Enquiry form to record new product enquiry and reports related to the same.
Product status enquiry [ This features works only in online mode ]
Stocks can be transferred to other locations on demand. [ branch to branch transactions ].
Non moving stocks can be sent back to Data server / warehouse [ branch to warehouse ].
Supports automatic data synchronization [ download / update data ] based on interval settings.
Credit customer payments can be maintained locally or centrally [ any one is possible ].
transferred stock with EDI can be verified and acknowledged.
Analytical report on discrepancy for stock transferred and received.

Scope of Store Server
VSS Store Server cannot be same location as per the location of POS Server in software for eg: In Location combo in software there will be 2 locations namely Main Location (POS Server) and Location2 (VSS)
Local purchase cannot be done on VSS. Stock has to come from main location
Accounts to be managed at one level either at VSS level or POS Server level. Local expenses can be entered outlet wise
Central price control is not available. For eg: if a price is changed at POS server for stock already sent to VSS location will not get effected
Supports single vertical
Supports single GST area

Works with Dynamic IP connectivity
A very cost effective solution to manage data centrally
Utilizing common space for stock inward , barcoding, returns management etc..
Getting the job done through same resource(s) for multi-location business.
Optimized resource for POS operations (at VSS)
Cost Effective & Simple Solution for multi-location POS
Multi company supported
Master data management done centrally and SKUs / Contacts can be mapped company wise (VSS store server Location wise)
Offers & Promotions can be managed locally
Customer loyalty can be managed locally
Barcode printing can be done at VSS for stocks already available at VSS Location
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