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Delight customers
Increased sales as businesses move from Transactional to Experiential Shopping
Delight Retail Customers
  • Frictionless experience from order to delivery, billing to payment 
  • Empower staff with right tools, to work smarter and serve customers better 
  • Serve customers on multiple channels, instore, online and mobile app
  • Increased sales with a POS software with offers, loyalty and flexible payment types
  • Choice of many integrations to differentiate and delight customers
  • Experience simplicity before buying with confidence and assurance
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Manage Efficiently
Agile adoption of tools to transform digitally, for improved profitability, automation, productivity
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  • Friction-less on-boarding with a shorter learning curve for employees 
  • Extend the POS software capabilities of your Retail, Restaurant and Distribution business with apps for stock taking, GRN, refill, audit, ordering, billing, delivery, KOT, feedback with retail erp, restaurant erp and disribution erp solution.
  • Technical skills and dedicated team NOT required. Implementation from few hours to few days
  • Affordable, Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Practice mode for agility in adoption and staff training in high-attrition environments
  • Guaranteed data security with Cloud data backup
Transform to grow, How ?
Connect and Collaborate
Ensure operational excellence, consistent customer experience across all the outlets
Point of sale software - customer experience
  • COCO, COFO, FOFO for faster horizontal or vertical growth
  • Easy POS and ERP integrations, open APIs to ecommerce, payments, accounts, loyalty
  • Hybrid architecture, centralised data management (replenishment, inventory, price, offers) 
  • Secured and Efficient store operations
  • Agility in adopting to market, regulation, technology changes with with one click updates
  • Hassle free compliance due to accurate reports and thus quick and easy GST returns filing
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Timely decisions on the move
Data driven decisions, Faster Inventory turns, Greater Profits
Take business decisions with Gofrugal Apps
  • Smarter Products with IOT, AI, ML and NLP 
  • Get instantly notified on all things you need to know with the Gofrugal notification service
  • Converse with your business using WhatsNow and SmartReports
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24x7 Responsive Assure Care
IOT and AI for personalised service 
24X7 Responsive Assure Care
  • Freedom of support channel self-service, chat or voice support 
  • Your satisfaction is our motto, rate and provide feedback on every engagement  
  • Self experience you will love with 1000+ self help/DIY videos 
  • We value your time, all your needs digitised with myGofrugal App from additional training, new releases, upgrades and support
  • Smart and robust solutions that results in lesser time in seeking support
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Gofrugal product saves me 2-3 hours of manual work daily. There are many reports that have helped me expand by business


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What is Retail ERP Software?

A Retail ERP software is an essential component of any retail business that helps in simplifying the billing, inventory, purchase, accounting, reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty and supply chain operations of a business. Aspirational and growing retail businesses consider the retail ERP systems as an investment as it give the decision makers in business a peace of mind managing the entire operations.

Why do Retailers need a ERP Software?

Today, retailing is not just about buying from suppliers and selling to customers. Changing market dynamics and consumer behavior has forced retailers to give a superior experience to their customers in order to acquire and retain them. Choosing the right retail ERP software for their retail business gives them the power of digesting the exact cost of doing business and how they should invest the profits for the benefit of retaining customers and scaling consistently.

How is ERP used in retail Industry?

Retail businesses have multiple tools and methodologies to manage different operations of their business. Most of them have a basic billing software and dis-integrated accounting software but all other operations are done as paperwork. A retail ERP software eliminates this by enabling an all-in-one solution that helps in seamlessly managing all business operations from POS billing to balance sheet. ERP software for retail business gives real-time visibility in an omnichannel world we are living today, accuracy to make timely decisions and improved operational efficiency.

What is cloud-based ERP software?

A cloud-based ERP software is deployed, operated and managed over the internet (cloud infrastructure). It gives the freedom for retailers, restaurateurs and distributors to manage their business from anywhere, any device and reduce the capital expense of setting up the infrastructure of their own. A cloud-based retail ERP software helps businesses to perform all operations like billing, purchasing, inventory management, reports/business performance monitoring, accounting and customer relationship management.

Benefits of using Retail ERP System

There are 5 major benefits of a quality retail ERP software:

- Deliver a delightful shopping experience to customers

- Manage all operations efficiently from billing to balance sheet

- Connect and collaborate with stakeholders for maximum productivity, profitability

- Make data-driven timely decisions and execute them on the move

- Guarantee growth with minimal staff and least skills

Importance of ERP software in Retail Industry

Retail is an ever-changing and highly competitive industry. Every single individual in the globe is a consumer of retail industry and retail ERP software is the essential component in understanding consumer behavior, procuring products based on the demand, operated with minimum cost in order to grow consistently. ERP software for retail business helps in two fundamental areas:

- Reduce cost - Operate with minimum inventory, least workforce to define the right margin

- Increase profit - Expand market reach, build a loyal customer base for repetitive footfall/sales

Why cloud-based retail ERP software is preferred more in retail industry today?

With cloud-based ERP software, the entire business data is stored in the cloud and businesses can monitor all the operations anywhere anytime and on any device. With cloud ERP software the up-front costs are lesser. As the software development moves into CI-CD (continuous integration, continuous deployment) model, cloud-based platforms can help manage frequent updates better. That means, no downtime and faster roll-out of features that are required to stay ahead of the market. Cloud-based ERP software provides centralized deployment. This ensures that all data remains on the cloud and what users do with the data can be easily monitored and controlled without worrying about security.

Why is Gofrugal the best ERP software for Retail, restaurant, and distribution?

Gofrugal offers an easy to use, affordable and smart collaborative platform with integrations to various marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, loyalty providers, business intelligence systems, forecasting based re-ordering tools, digital wallets, banks and statutory networks. Gofrugal ERP paves the way for businesses to grow efficiently by offering 5 major benefits:

- Simplify business processes and giving freedom of choice to choose the device they want to operate: ERP made easy

- Reduces cycle time and data entry works across the value chain: Minimal staff

- Easy to learn and does not expect any educational qualifications to operate: Least skills

- Increases the accuracy and timeliness of information leading to better decision making: 100% accurate and reliable solutions

- Flexible to address changing business needs in an agile manner: Transforming your business digitally in simple and smaller steps

How to download Free Retail ERP Software from Gofrugal?

Download and start experiencing the retail ERP software from Gofrugal in a matter of 5minutes. Click here to download free retail ERP software for your retail business and enjoy 15-day free trial with complete access to all features.

What is the cost of ERP Software?

To start with, ERP software is not a cost but an investment to your business. Restaurant ERP software starts from as low as 500 per month and retail ERP software starts from as low as 750 per month. Click the links given below to know the detailed pricing of ERP software with feature comparison:

- Retail ERP software

- Restaurant ERP software

- Distribution ERP software