Leverage the advantages of Instant Messaging service to control information flow in & out of your branches, as well as across branches & between branches & head office, with Alert module. This in turn helps you create win-win relationship with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Stock Alert
    Alert the manager when the stock level reaches minimum for better utilization of procurement cycles.
  • Security Alert
    Alert the manager as soon as an employee cancels a bill, applies unsanctioned discounts or edits the bill without prior approval.
  • Business Alert
    Send a daily summary of sales/purchase report as PDF to the line manager at a scheduled time.
  • Loyalty Reminder
    Remind your customers by sending them loyalty points calculated from their last purchase.
  • Red Alert
    Alert Managers when an employee types wrong password for manger's login or when he stops the daily backup schedule process mid-way at EOD.
  • Welcome Message
    Greet new customers, as well as on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays etc. and delight them with surprise offers.
  • Other Alert
    Supports 60 different configurable events, as well as capability for sending these as SMS or E-mail events.
  • Instant Usage
    No more installation. Sign-up & start using GoAlerts instantly. Save time, effort & money immediately.

Feature highlights for  Retailers


GoAlerts can be configured to work with your business management package. For details please contact alerts-support@gofrugal.com