How to throw a rocking New year party?

It was a usual bright Monday morning at my office, but I was lost in thought, staring at my screen, sipping on a cold cafe latte and pondering over the previous year’s happenings at the New Year party.

Last year, my girlfriend and I decided to hop into a New year party. It was hard for us to find tickets, as all parties had been sold out, but fortunately that night we managed to get into one. I was taken aback on entering the party. Despite the huge investment that was made for the party, not many turned up and even the ones who did weren’t pleased with it, including us. I was puzzled and was left wondering “What had gone wrong?” from then on. Later I got to know that there was no prior planning and scheduling for the party, which led to a huge mess up.

To avoid the same thing from happening this new year, I put together an 8-Point checklist for hosting the perfect New Year party. Read ahead to know more!


1. Launch early

Plan early for the party

At first, make a rough plan of what you are going to do and when. Planning ahead allows you to do it with perfection. Make sure you act fast to book the band or celebrity that you are going to bring in for the night. It will also provide ample time for people to know about your party and itinerary.

2. Promote & reward your early birds

Everyone should be aware of the party thrown by you, on New Year’s Eve. Start with getting your initial buyers excited by giving free tickets and discounts. These early birds are more likely to spread the word and act as free marketers for you. Hashtags, contests, interesting facts, and other shareable content are great, indirect ways to promote your event in digital media like Instagram and Facebook. To make it easy for people to register, create an event page for your party which includes all essentials that would add value to your event.

3. Have a theme

New year party themes

Choosing a theme for your New Year Eve party can set the tone for the entire night. This isn’t any old Saturday night get-together. Differentiate it by having a predefined theme and innovative ideas. Lighting and music are the two key factors which dictate the mood of your guests, make it special. Make a selfie wall or festively decorated backdrop for your guests so that they can click Instagram worthy pictures.

4. Bring in a new recipe

It’s a good idea to bring in a few new varieties into the menu along with your current seasonal hot-sellers. That could mean a new pizza or burger, or an entirely new dish altogether. Have a separate category for veg and non-veg in your menu. This way you can attract all foodies. The kind of beverage and food you offer should depend on your guest’s preferences. Irrespective of whether you serve alcoholic drinks this New Year’s Eve, set up a special drinks bar.

5. Be ready

Party arrangements

You definitely don’t want to run dry – make sure you have enough essentials for everyone. Based on the attendance you are expecting and the menu you are going to offer, decide on how much you need to stock up. With the right POS solution, you can track your inventory from time to time, and stock up as and when you run out. Another important thing is to get your staff ready to handle guests and making certain that everyone feels content and are attended to.

6. Use the right technology

Since new year parties are highly crowded, you can’t make your guests wait in queues to place their order, or manually take orders on their tables. It’s better to go digital and use mobile order taking applications to serve your guests quicker with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. This mobile app generated orders get synced with a POS solution in real time, which gives no need for your waiters to run around. You can take your billing and order taking services to next level by the use of these digital solutions.

7. Have something special at midnight

You can’t have a New Year Eve party without planning a countdown to midnight! Bring in television so that your party can include the traditional countdown — or you may even try a digital countdown clock. Hire a photographer to snap candid photos throughout the party, thus capturing every memorable moment of the night.

8. Plan an Element of surprise

New Year Party Gifts and surprises

A souvenir always makes moments special. It ensures that your guests leave happy and visit again. Give them something to cherish and remember the New year party. Your guests will adore this unexpected touch. Plus, do not forget to insist on feedback from your guests, 2-3 days after the party. This will help you identify what could’ve been better and will also make your customers feel valued.

How to host a New Year Party