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4 reasons why your restaurant needs mobile billing

70% of restaurants shut down before the first year of opening! Reason being poor customer service, theft& pilferage, lower market reach, mismanagement of billing and delivery. Sustaining in a restaurant business mainly depends on servicing customers to the fullest on their every visit, every bill, every order and every delivery. Adding mobility to your business can make sure all of these challenges are getting addressed.

GOFRUGAL ServQuick, a mobile billing solution to deliver best customer service, increase market reach and smooth functioning in your take away/ delivery services. Here are 4 benefits of using mobile billing in your restaurant.

5 times faster service in take away/delivery counter:

Restaurants located in a busy market area or nearby to any public transport hub where delivery orders are more than dine-in orders have a great challenge in serving customers faster. These restaurants have the challenge of handling the queue in billing counters where dine-in orders are also punched. Having the same billing counter for dine-in orders and take away order invites more confusion and poor customer service. With increasing orders through the food delivery apps, the delivery boys also tend to wait near the same billing counter – adding fuel to the fire.

ServQuick can act as your mobile billing counter by serving the take away and delivery orders. The bills generated in will be synced with the POS server & a kitchen copy will also be generated which ensures that customers can be served 5 times faster than in conventional single billing counter. Give your customers the freedom to think and choose their dishes, hold and recall bills to service more customers at same time with ease

50% reduction in pop-up shop billing counter investment:

To increase the market reach and service more customers out of traditional brick and mortar buildings, restaurants set up a pop up shops like street food carts, food kiosk in shopping malls and food festival stalls. Setting up a desktop billing counter in pop-up shop is very expensive in terms of hardware, counter space and furniture investment

A mobile billing counter ServQuick which reduces 50% of the total investment is very much useful in these cases. This will ensure you will reap more profit with less investment in your meals on wheels businesses and increase your market reach. Offline billing in ServQuick ensures seamless billing even in case of any network/connectivity issues.  Scaling up is very easy by managing all your transactions getting monitored from a single POS server

100% theft reduction in kiosk sales:

Setting up a Juice shop, Ice cream counter, Pan shop, Frankie shop, Sandwich counter in front of restaurant fetches more sales and attracts more customers. Restaurants are left clueless on the total sales and chances of theft in kiosks is too high due to manual billing. Setting up a mobile billing counter not only reduces the theft but also lets you to keep in track of total sales in each of the kiosks. Track each and every sale in kiosks with detailed reports and reduce theft in these counters by 100%. By monitoring each of the counters, you can even lay individual rental charges on each of the kiosk based on their sales

100% of steward’s time is spent on servicing customers:

Stewards spend 20% of their total working time on walking to & fro from billing counters. Restaurants often restrict with single billing counter due to less space, even though they have multi floors, which makes the stewards to walk more to reach the billing counters. Setting up a separate billing client in each of the rooms like buffet, à la carte, lounge delivery can ensure 100% of steward’s time is spent on servicing customers. Restaurants maintain different price levels based on the service room type like A/c, non a/c which can also be managed by setting up price level for each of the order types

Its time you setup a mobile billing counter – ServQuick in your restaurant and grab profit in every single entity of your business. Your stewards, ambience, furniture, cutlery are of top quality, why not your billing counter?


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