5 ways to retain customers in Spa and Salon

There has been a lot of confusion in the difference between a spa and a salon right? Let’s define the businesses first.

Fulfilment, pampering, rejuvenation is what one looks forward to when stepping into an outlet that reads ‘Spa’. An out of the world experience that makes them forget the mundane everyday routine. If this is what your customer expects, then ambience, aroma, decor, lighting, location and courteous staff are your ingredients that can bring a smile on your customer’s face. But these are a luxury and not something one looks forward to every other day nor can they afford to.

Spa and salon

On the other hand, when I walk into a salon, my needs are specific, essential and affordable. Usually, one walks into a beauty salon for a haircut, a quick facial or a head massage in between the time they get in an office lunch break, or the time between one picks up and drops their kids. What they look forward to is competence of the stylist, clean and hygienic environment and quality service. In the short time they spend with the stylist, they try to befriend them and get some beauty or health tips while planning to visit the salon on a more relaxing weekend and spend more time for a massage.

Spa or Salon, ensure you do your best to retain customers.

  • Have informed staff
  • Ensure your staff good knowledge about what they are doing, the kind of ingredients you use, the place you procure them from, etc. Generally, customers tend to get into a discussion with the stylist on their common health ailments or beauty issues. Encourage your staff to give useful and genuine tips, which your customer can even try it at home.

Aroma therapy

  • Weight Management and Fitness
  • Who does not want to lose weight? Whether you are a salon, spa or a beauty parlour, just try having a weighing machine that can give the BMI. Based on that try to give professional remedies to lose weight through diet and simple yoga or workouts.

Weight management

  • Keep in Touch
  • Send regular messages to your customers on health benefits of various food items, beauty secrets, DIY recipes of beauty packs or health juices. If you can customize it according to their needs then be sure your guy is never going to think of another spa/salon.

Customer interactions

  • Offer Memberships: Becoming a member of your spa or salon can psychologically glue the customer to you. Instead of pushing the services to people, you’ll create a pull which increases footfall. Having family members also benefit from the membership increases customer walk-in which in-turn helps you penetrate through the market region and reach more people.


  • Value time
  • Retail owners gain value by respecting their customer’s time. People today have many plans but less time. Respect your customer’s time and efficiently manage your calendar. This can be done by having a good appointment management system that can help you plan your day/week. Salon Software today is equipped with such features that can even handle appointment cancellations and postponement. 

Make appointments

Be it any business, not Stock loss, not Resource management, not Visual merchandising but customer retention is the costliest factor for a business owner. With expert strategies coupled with technology to implement them, growing business and customer retention becomes a piece of cake.

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Words by : Abinayi Pavithra