7 ways to promote your Online grocery store/Supermarket app

It doesn’t matter whether you already have an online ordering app or are planning to launch one. You must have a marketing strategy to promote your online grocery store app.

Sufficient research and a surfeit of statistics prove that, customers buy more when they spend more time while shopping. With the rising COVID tide, people tend to rush through stores trying to catch just a few things and letting COVID catch up with them. In the process, their purchase stutters and your sales suffers!

Don’t worry, relax… we have the perfect solution to vaccinate your sagging sales. Ask your customers not to come to your store!

Instead, let them shop from the comforts of their own living rooms, with your own OrderEasy app and make them shop to their heart’s content and have their orders delivered at the convenience of their doorsteps. A perfect win-win scenario, if ever there was one!

In a world where people literally live with their mobile phones and love to lead their lives with it, OrderEasy makes their shopping easy. And your life a whole lot better.

Promoting your online grocery business to customers is easy with these simple and economical marketing strategies. Learn how to promote online grocery store app to customers with GOFRUGAL OrderEasy! Here are a few tips.

Pick any marketing strategy that works for your online grocery business and watch it work wonders!

1) Design your own posters with free tools:

Advertisement posters are one of the most effective marketing strategy for online grocery business. There are free online tools available on the internet, tools like Canva to design attractive posters to promote your app using ready-made templates. Put up these posters in your grocery store premises, on the walls and over the counter. Bingo, you are on!

2) User QR code to provide easy access:

Use of QR code… a modern, trending and very effective marketing strategy and tool for any online grocery business. Studies say 4 out of 10 people get attracted to graphical ads and are willing to give it a try. Why don’t you too!? Make it easy for customers and passer-by to scan your QR codes with large codes printed on posters.

  • Add it on your invoice print, so your customers can see them, more importantly, use them, and most importantly, find it convenient to shop.
  • Post it on social media stories and posts

Your online QR code generator is just a search away on the internet.

Help video: How to add QR code to your bill design?

3) Run promotional SMS campaigns:

Promote your online grocery store using GOFRUGAL Alert services, share your app links with your existing and potential customers. You can, of course, use third party SMS services too. This will help you put a word to your customers and help spread the message about your services. Sharing your app link makes it easy to reach your app and download it.

Visit our website to know more about GOFRUGAL Alert services.

4) Promote your app using WhatsApp:

WhatsApp, the most commonly and widely used social media platform. You want to know how to promote online grocery store? Well, you can create a broadcast or a group and announce your online services to the world. In ‘WhatsApp Business’, you can set up your app link or web link as an auto response, divert your customer order resource from WhatsApp/SMS/call to your user-friendly OrderEasy app. Isn’t it a great marketing strategy for your online store?!

5) Create a social media profile:

Currently, the world holds their mobile phones and lives on social media for most of their day. So create your social media accounts and use this amazing platform to promote your online store. When you engage with consumers more, they engage in shopping even more. In your shop!

6) Inform walk-in customers while billing:

Mouth publicity, we don’t have to tell you how effective it can be, the world knows. Instruct your billing counter staff to educate walk-in customers about you OrderEasy app. And encourage them to use it next time for shopping & enjoy the doorstep delivery.

7) Member-gets-member:

Encourage customers who order from our app to add five customers to get 5% off on their next bill. Ask them to gang up for gifts. We are sure you will find it bang for buck!

Now that you have a clear idea on how to promote an online grocery store, go ahead, choose an idea and make your customers order easy with OrderEasy! That’s not it, having the right grocery management software ensures your operations are stable enough to support the business expansion goals.

You haven’t launched your online app yet? What are you waiting for!? Get your branded app in just 7 days!