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What is ONDC? What is Open Network for Digital Commerce, the e-commerce revolution of 2022?

What is ONDC, the e-Commerce Revolution of 2022?

ONDC is a buyer and seller binding platform, where the buyer can place orders to any seller or shop from apps like Paytm, Whatsapp, etc.The sellers can register for once with ONDC with a digital catalog and sell the products on all buyer apps.

How Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe transformed ordering process in less than 2 weeks with GOFRUGAL OrderEasy?

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The Story Name of the business          :           Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe (RRR) Established                            :           45 years ago Business type                        :           Sweets Shop, Bakery and confectioneries Location                                  :          Darbhanga, Bihar The Context While working in… Read More »How Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe transformed ordering process in less than 2 weeks with GOFRUGAL OrderEasy?

Contactless delivery

Why contactless delivery matters, & How to implement contactless food delivery in your restaurant?

Until a few months ago, contactless delivery was a term that was not common for many of us. However, with the unprecedented arrival of COVID 19, it has been best advised to avoid direct contact as much as possible to stop the spread of the deadly virus. In order to serve customers through deliveries and at the same time reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread through direct contact, restaurants across the globe have now adopted to a new way of delivering orders which is now popularly known as ‘Contactless Delivery’
In simple words, contactless delivery is a delivery model in which the delivery executive delivers the food at the customer’s place without coming in direct contact with the customer.

restaurant licenses

Licenses Required to start a restaurant business in India

Are you planning to open a restaurant in India? But you don’t know where and how to proceed? Do not worry, this article will guide you on the first step to open a restaurant in India, which is getting the required restaurant license that enables smoother operations.