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Are you happy with my service?

Software solutions can make retailers happy. But can they keep retailers happy?

This question changed our life. For it demanded tough answers.

Retail industry today is running fast and running hard. Retailers however are not so fortunate in this case. While few run ahead, some run with it, most are carried forward, even swept by the retail current.

As a retail technology solution provider, we understood that while our solution supports the retail business, it is up to the retailer to support his software and upon us to support the retailer & keep him happy!

The Happiness Metrics

Customers reach out (to support service) only when they are unhappy.Are you happy?

Far from generalizing this statement, we took it upon us to measure happiness quotient during each and every transaction our support team has with customers, be it through email or chat or direct visit.


To ensure we deliver on customer expectations, our service delivery member will measure the effectiveness of his engagement, by asking customers the following questions:

  • Do you have any more issues / requirements?
  • Are you happy with my service?
  • Do you wish you share your feedback about this service engagement?
  • Would you recommend / refer GoFrugal in your business circle?

This would help us continuously improve our service delivery and live our dream of Assured support service better.

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