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GOFRUGAL Assure Care – Mobile support with myGOFRUGAL App, Go Digital

After your successful point of sale software implementation with GOFRUGAL, you may require support anytime to run your business without breakdown. Whom do you reach ? We have an exclusive GOFRUGAL Assure care center for you all the time prepared and ready to serve you the best.

Get to know about our transparent, well defined system which has 100% of your business and IT environment details, tracks and recognizes you with your registered contact details with us knowing you like your best buddy.

Go digital one more step by managing all your support needs with our new app myGOFRUGAL. Go mobile and stay connected with GOFRUGAL Assure care with all your product updates, complaint status, resolution with history. Reopen a complaint if you require more clarification or Escalate when you are not satisfied all with myGOFRUGAL app and in product.

Why wait ? Watch the video to know how we are ready to give you delight experience. Reach us via chat or myGOFRUGAL ticket for a welcome response.

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