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Menu Engineering

What is Menu Engineering? How to create a profitable restaurant menu?

People like to sit in restaurants for hours to soak into the atmospherics and savor the mood. Yet, they spend a mere 109 seconds on the one thing that would define their whole evening – the menu!
Restaurants need to carefully curate and update their menu to ensure it lists only the bestsellers and leaves the bombshells. They need to carefully update their menu and constantly refine its contents to help drive more sales and, consequently, profits. There is a simple way to do it. It is called Menu Engineering!

Guide to set up Contactless Dining for your Restaurant

What is Contactless Dining & How to set up contactless dining in your restaurant?

Until a few years ago, contactless dining was a term that was not common for many of us. However, with the unprecedented arrival of COVID 19, , most of us have become aware of it, especially the options for contactless dine-in. It has been best advised to avoid direct contact as much as possible to stop the spread of the deadly virus. In order to serve customers and at the same time reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread through direct contact, restaurants across the globe have now adopted a new way of dining which is now popularly known as ‘ Contactless Dining‘.

Staying informed: Need of the hour for Retailers

One among the biggest challenges faced by retailers is not being able to take control of their shop from anywhere. With a handy solution such challenges can be eliminated and they can spend more time in their private lives.