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'connected' to 'stay connected'. How?

 ‘Oh…I didn’t find it here!’

What if you overhear an outgoing shopper saying this to someone over the phone, referring to the fact that the shopper didn’t find what he/she was looking for in your store.

Now imagine you not hearing a hundred (if not thousand) other shoppers uttering the same thing.

Hearing an unhappy shopper murmuring is a bad thing. But an inability to hear it is worse.

GoFrugal Alerts is built to solve this problem. It is an add-on module for our Retail & Distribution solutions.

It gives you this privilege of staying connected with everyone in the following ways:

  1. Send promotional mails to customers on offers & new arrivals and improve chances of repeat purchases.
  2. Increase Service Level & aid quick purchase/replenishment by sending Stock out/low stock alerts.
  3. Send updated status reports based on parameters such as sales, purchase, stock, gross margin etc.
  4. Provides a placeholder to include your Brand Name along with the SMS messages sent to Customers.

and more…

In short, you can make your presence felt even when you are absent.

Sign-up and start using it.

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