Why contactless delivery matters, & How to implement contactless food delivery in your restaurant?

Contactless delivery

Until a few months ago, contactless delivery was a term that was not common for many of us. However, with the unprecedented arrival of COVID 19, it has been best advised to avoid direct contact as much as possible to stop the spread of the deadly virus. In order to serve customers through deliveries and at the same time reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread through direct contact, restaurants across the globe have now adopted to a new way of delivering orders which is now popularly known as ‘Contactless Delivery

In simple words, contactless delivery is a delivery model in which the delivery executive delivers the food at the customer’s place without coming in direct contact with the customer. 

Contactless deliveries started to become common and on-demand, as COVID’s 19 cases began to grow rapidly. In fact, contactless delivery went from zero popularity in google search on March 1st week to 100 by April 11th within a span of 30 days.

Nearly the majority of online food ordering apps worldwide, including Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Deliveroo, have adapted to the contactless mode of delivery. Some of the world’s fast-food giants, including Dominos, Papa Johns, and McDonald’s, have also followed suit in providing their customers with safe, contactless food delivery options.

How does Contactless Delivery work?

Customers will need to search through the app/websites of food ordering platforms or apps/websites of restaurants to select the dishes they want to be delivered and choose a contactless delivery option. The default payment choice will be set online and customers can pay through from the list of online payment options. 

Once the order is received and the food is prepared and made ready, the delivery guy picks up the package, reaches the customer’s place, leaves it at the customer’s preferred location, which is then picked up by the customer and acknowledged remotely. Thereby completing the delivery cycle.

Why do you need to set up Contactless Delivery in your restaurant?

Contactless Delivery

Now with customers preferring to avoid contact with delivery partners, it is important to set up a contactless food delivery model. By doing so your customers will feel safe and the number of orders received also would increase.

How to set up Contactless Food Delivery in your restaurant?

Setting up contactless delivery operations in restaurants is not a tough task. Here is a three-step guide that will help you set up and process contactless deliveries in your restaurant.

Step 1: Get your brand an ordering app or website for processing online orders from customers and a delivery app for your Delivery executives. Alternatively, you can also get listed on online aggregators who are providing contactless deliveries through their delivery partners.  

You happened to be at the right place GOFRUGAL is offering customized food ordering and delivery apps for free to help restaurants go online and process contactless deliveries.

Step 2: Ensure the food is packed and sealed perfectly so that hygiene is maintained at the highest level while being transported and delivered at your customer’s doorsteps!

Step 3: Train your delivery persons on handling contactless delivery orders, right from picking up the order to dropping the parcel at the preferred location.

What are the hygiene standards that need to be maintained for contactless deliveries?

Contactless Delivery

Here are a few tips below that will ensure hygiene is maintained at the highest level for contactless food delivery operations

  • Monitor the Delivery executive’s temperature and allow pickup only if the temperature is normal.
  • Ensure delivery executives wash their hands and sanitize themselves before pickup.
  • Make sure Kitchen staffs and executives and delivery partners wear preventive masks to ensure utmost precaution and safety.
  • Ensure that the kitchen is cleaned and sanitized periodically.
  • Practice social distancing inside the kitchen by operating with skeleton staff thereby avoiding direct contact as much as possible.

According to Forbes, just 11% of the world’s population has access to food delivery apps, by offering deliveries restaurants will be able to tap into this growing food delivery business model that is set to reach a valuation of 200 Billion dollars by 2025.

Moreover, by processing contactless deliveries you’re not only doing business amidst tough times but also serving customers with utmost care thereby building a valuable relationship with your customers.

By offering contact-less deliveries, the only thing your brand would be touching is your customer’s heart!

Restaurant contactless delivery
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Everything you need to know about Contactless Delivery
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Everything you need to know about Contactless Delivery
Contactless delivery is a delivery model in which the food is delivered at the customer's place without coming in direct contact with the customer.
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