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Differentiation and Value in Retail

Retailers  strive hard to keep their consumers engaged for long. Today, this is  the biggest challenge for them. The key factor that gives retailer’s an  edge over others is differentiation and value in goods/services. It is not always practical to have the most competitive prices with round the  year sales and discounts. What  retailers need to have a look at is the operational dependencies and  try to simplify them with latest technologies that will help them gear  up for the near future and next generation consumers.

What technology?Cloud & Benefits

Cloud  is simple, easy and straightforward to use. A lot has been said about  it in the last couple of years. We have also seen the recent trend of  many big and small retail businesses moving their entire operations to the  cloud. So, then the question arises why so many stores are switching to Cloud computing?

Tangible Benefits 

1. Fixed and Predictable Costs

The  retailer has the choice of ‘Pay as you go’ rather than investing large capital that can cripple the cash flow. You can get the exact re-sources needed and manage the demands of business by scaling up or down as required.

2. Flawless Order processing

Automated  processing of orders and at the same time updating the accounts and  inventory control system spreadsheet is a great plus point for accurate records. Retailers will  know when to re-order and customer support will have all the information  in-store for serving customer queries.

3. Multi-store & Multi-device 

A retailer can manage and track the day-to-day business from multiple stores or multiple locations. The concept of  anytime and anywhere operations becomes a reality with cloud computing.

4. Faster roll-out of applications

Today,  technology upgrades and changes are faster than changes in fashion  trends. Retailers can be moving and running quickly with a switch to the  cloud. Compared to traditional on-premise applications, they would not  be dependent on new hardware, servers or operating system software.

5. Secure

Security  and compliance are top priorities of any cloud vendor. Every business  counts on higher levels of security and with the cloud, even a small  retailer can enjoy the benefits of security without paying high costs.


With  all said and done, SaaS software solutions for retailers need to be  affordable. They should have integrated online Point-of-sale(POS) and many more features such as Mobile applications. It will become a necessity soon as people are keen to start functioning  or switching their operations on to cloud computing. For organizations,  client retention and engagement would be much easier as everything  could be efficiently managed on the web. This would also differentiate  their operations and add more value to their goods/services.

Not many SaaS providers are as affordable as GoFrugal’s  web-based TruePOS which is specially designed to overcome the  challenges today’s retailers face and offer them sleek and smooth  user-friendly solutions to run within no time. So, what are you waiting  for? Get differentiated and valued by your consumers. Take the 30 Days Free Sign-up of TruePOS web-based solution for your business.