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Express checkout mobile app | GOFRUGAL SellSmart

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am

The key for a successful business is making it more customer-centric. Delivering happy customer experience is the biggest challenge that every retailer face. Customers spending more time in queue for billing than shopping tend to lose interest for next walk-in to your store. The answer to this challenge is SellSmart!

SellSmart is an express checkout mobile app for retailers and distributors. SellSmart can offer :

  • Quickest queue turnaround time for customers
  • Bill and take order from anywhere
  • Less hardware investment for additional client
  • Repeated customer walk-in

Booking tickets for travel, payment of utility bills, connecting with people and lot more has come down to a smartphone. Why not your business?

Download SellSmart now and experience a FREE 30 day trial with your live store data. Surprise your customers with mobile retail billing system and provide optimum billing experience to all of them!