Fruits, Vegetables…and POS solution



How do customers perceive it, when they buy fruits & vegetables?

More clearly, why should shoppers buy fruits & vegetables from a Supermarket than from a neighborhood kirana store or street hawkers or conventional vegetable market?

The concept of ‘fixed price’ could seem a little strange to shoppers who are used to ‘bargain & buy’ in the market.

Pick & Choose

Quality, then, lies in the ‘quick-dip’ test that the customers do. This typically involves them picking up few vegetables or fruits at random to ascertain their quality.

This can make or break a selling opportunity for the retailer. So, how should a retailer tackle this one?

Point Of Sale solution to the rescue

We have seen that intelligent POS solutions that track the inventory, as well as the shelf life, and alerts the retailer on the suitable time for dumping, becomes essential. In addition, the software solution should help retailer fix up the daily selling price depending on the demand.


This would also help the retailer better manage suppliers by negotiating on the quantity and quality of stock procured. The POS solution thus helps a retailer achieve cost efficiency by streamlining the entire supply chain.