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Furbished the SaaS POS with RC 5

You probably must have noticed the changes in the TruePOS UI by now. In the release done on 21st
May, we’ve completely redesigned our Touch Screen UI with a fresh new look . This release also features an enhancement with Integration of Plutus, Biometric Authentication etc.,

Lets Unravel what s New in this Update !!

Plutus Integration

Most of the retailers now a days use the card swiper for debit or credit card transactions. Plutus is the product offered from Pinelabs. With the use of Plutus now a retailer can swipe the card in their keyboard. We are happy to integrate this with TruePOS which is an emerging feature in India, now.

Biometric Integration

This is a Add-on feature. Based on the Biometric device / driver support this feature may be limited to few Operating Systems. We have the solution to integrate the required native Biometric device API with our desktop Print/Accessories module. TruePOS will communicate seamlessly with our Print/Accessories module and it will take care of biometric device integration without any complexity. This feature is used as a customer authentication i.e Either new customer or existing customer the customer figure prints are recoded and used at the time of sales. Now, it is Customer Authentication through Biometric.

TruePOS @ Mobile

TruePOS can be accessed from anywhere using the Mobile via GPRS (or) Wi-Fi network. You can access TruePOS with Android, iPhone and iPOD. If you already posses an Android then you can access it directly using the same URL. Touch screen sales is also available.

Dashboard look @ Mobile:

a look at TruePOS report in Android mobile


Integration of Open ID

Single Sign-On login feature enables the users to login into TruePOS without being asked for the password again. The Single Sign-On is enabled in TruePOS based on the OpenID v2 protocol and the authentication is done based on the user id associated with the email id (get from the OpenID Providers). OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites,
without needing to create new passwords. For more details refer the URL:

We are currently supporting the following OpenID providers

  • Zoho
  • Google
  • Yahoo

To Sign In using the Zoho / Google / Yahoo Open ID , you need to click on the one of the icon in the login page.

Enhanced Touch Screen

To know more about the latest features Click Here for RC5 Release Notes.