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Get your Data Locked – Safely, Digitally

In the month of August 2017, Mr. Mohamed Fayas’ POS server was crashed and the database was infected with virus and ransomware. Lot more data loss stories of many happy and successful retailers were a highly alarming pain to GOFRUGAL last year. A brilliant software, packed with features, reliable and robust, despite having these many advantages, data corruption and loss is something that we were not able to help our customers.

“A software can be bought anytime but the data is priceless”

We saw and supported customers re-implementing and feeding data from the scratch into GOFRUGAL Software once again. Retailers had every possible reason to start fresh with a new software vendor but they continued with GOFRUGAL. This very bonding between our product and customer urged us to invent something that prevents data loss for our customers.

The need to Go Digital, be a Digital Pioneer in the industry and prove that we are not only Slogan-Digital but also Action-Digital triggered an idea among us to develop a revolutionary add-on product which safely stores and LOCKS the Point-of-Sale data in the cloud.

Safe Data

Okay, we are not talking about a new cloud based POS, but an add-on product to your favorite GOFRUGAL Retail Point of Sale. Guess what? We were able to complete the project on-time and the product is ready to be launched. Ready for another surprise ? We have deployed this Add-on product pilot release to 20 of our customers who were willing and it works absolutely fine CHARMING everyone !!!

We have bridged the gap between Desktop POS and Cloud POS. Now you can get all the robustness and reliable functionalities of a Desktop POS with Cloud Data Security! Every 5 minutes, the data (Transactions or any kind of entry) fed into the POS is synced to the cloud. Whatever damage happens to the server machine, hard-disk, data corruption or even a tsunami, the data will be SAFE in the cloud. The cloud data can be retrieved, the entire point-of-sale system can be restored and business can be continued.

All this can be done in just 27 minutes!

Cloud Data Scenario

Revolutionary? We’ve got more.

Get your Desktop-Cloud Point of Sale NOW.