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Grow Your Business with Managed and Hosted Ecommerce System

GoFrugal TruStore offers more than ecommerce web site development and hosting. At GoFrugal TrueStore, we create a customized solution to meet all your ecommerce needs. Internet enables shoppers to access your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without geographic limitations or concerns for time zones, automation of the sales process is a necessity.

We provide quality, strategy and development with a good 24 x 7 Assured support and this assure that we will make the ideal partner in your E-commerce solution.

Why E-Commerce ?

  • Internet sales are less costly to fulfill
  • Internet sales free up labour resources
  • You can process Internet sales efficiently at your convenience

E-commerce enabled website provides several advantages for businesses today like

Enlargement of Market Reach :
Your products are available for purchase to a much wider market than they would be if they had to purchase your products from specific physical locations.
Reduction in Costs:
An offline business operating expenses can be drastically reduced by making use of an ecommerce enabled website.
Availability :
The business will remain open 24x7x365 People can visit your website anytime and from anywhere.
Customer Management :
Ability to collect and keep track of customer data. Collecting customer information is made easier since all the data is automatically captured and retained in electronic form once the customer initiates the transaction.

Internet has given rise to a new economic ecosystem and e-commerce has become a crucial aspect of this ecosystem. Websites that sell products are highly interactive and entice the visitors at the first look.

  • Content Management System
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Pricing
  • Multi-Language
  • All Major International and Indian Credit cards Processed.
  • Order Management (History & Tracking)
  • Gift Certificate and Coupon
  • Banner Management
  • Easy and smooth running of the transaction process
  • Multiple Payment options

Power to run your Online Business.

  • Upload new products without HTML
    code knowledge
  • Change pricing on your products to accommodate specials and wholesale customers,
  • Create marketing newsletters to build customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Calculate shipping through integration with FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Process credit card transactions securely
  • Manage your inventory, and more!

GoFrugal TrueStore – SaaS E-Commerce Solutions

GoFrugal TrueStore provides both E-commerce applications and services. TrueStore SaaS e-commerce solutions are designed to increase efficiencies in the online shopping process, elevate customer satisfaction and simplify the shopping experience. You can enjoy & experience the online shopping with TrueStore. Its fast, intuitive and more powerful.

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