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Hello Emiratis !! GOFRUGAL comes to UAE

To the country that lives by the skyline

GOFRUGAL POS is here to provide a digital transformation to your retail, restaurant and distribution business.

GoFrugal POS feedback - jose-thadayus, Al Zubair Group UAE

Modernize and simplify retail operation. Bill from even your tablets and smartphones. Carry your business along in your pocket with our WhatsNowapp. Ask any question about your business like, what’s my sales today?, what is my gross margin?, how much should I pay suppliers?, just ask and get it answered within 10 secs. So go on, experience digital and define a whole new way to manage your business and prepare it to provide the best quality shopping experience to you customers

All our products and apps are available for Free Trial, go on, try it now. No credit card required, Download point of sale software for your business.

Want instant call back from our registered partner in UAE, give us a call here  (+971) 52 65 08 790

Our team is excited as well. Listen to what Mr. Naresh, our International Sales manager has to say about our UAE retail journey  . . .

UAE International sales manager feedback - Naresh