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Happy Holi and we got a present for you

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am

A colorful and happy holi to all. This holi, to brighten your business, we have a surprising present for you

Introducing GOFRUGAL SmartReports , now get realtime access to all reports from your shop computer on all your personal devices, as in your laptop, tablets and smartphone

Whats so special?

Personalize your reports and serve it to your liking, as in drag and drop the columns in a report, resize them, sort and group multiple columns at a time. Filter reports even based on time, get to the details, so you even can find out your most selling ‘hour in a day’. Negative values highlighted in red color, so you can spot them in the crowd instantly. Fixed header and footer, save time scrolling up and down. Export to excel with only your preferred columns. Get related reports recommendations. All preferences even saved userwise and more

Don’t you wait, go login to free SmartReports demo here

Brighten your business with SmartReports, look forward to more such presents from us


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