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How To Register and Sell Products on ONDC?

ONDC registration
How to register and sell products on ONDC?

If you have been following Gofrugal and the Indian media, one term that keeps bombarding every medium is ONDC! What is ONDC? Why ONDC? How to join ONDC? For a moment, you would have even thought that maybe ONDC is another revolution of sorts. Indeed, it is! Welcome to the next eCommerce revolution of India.

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is one neutral, democratic, revolutionary leveler, often analogized with the UPI regarding the magnitude of change it can make. It is set to be the future of Indian e-Commerce.


ONDC, the market maker, was birthed to solve the challenges faced by independent small businesses in trading with e-Commerce giants – posed by their hefty policies and grueling commission charges. ONDC transcends this by charging you only the referral commission of 3%, as of July 2022, for finding your buyer. And that is 7 to 10 times less than the usual online-selling commission rate of 23% to 28% on the cart value. Along with this, ONDC brings unmatched consumer reach by leveraging the consumer base of various everyday consumer apps like Paytm, WhatsApp, Kotak, and many more!

Why is Gofrugal talking about ONDC?

As a technology partner and the front-runner in the field of ERP on ONDC, that’s Gofrugal’s role – Onboarding you to ONDC by digitizing your store, inventory, and operations in a Frugal Way! Gofrugal has targeted to make sellers in 50+ cities join this e-Commerce revolution and start selling online right away. Guess what? We are already live in 30 cities. Gofrugal has onboarded 50+ sellers and 100+ successful pilot orders delivered. And every seller onboarded to ONDC via Gofrugal has started receiving a minimum of 5 to 10 orders per day.

Also, ONDC is close to Gofrugal as it was started with a motive to help small-medium Retailers fight the regional/global competition with the right tools at an affordable cost. ONDC is one such concept, and we see this as a path-breaking opportunity for us to help the trading community!

But today, it is not about Gofrugal or ONDC. It is about helping you how to get onboard to ONDC and start your e-Commerce journey. So, if you are a seller looking for onboarding to ONDC, you must be aware of these three steps. Come on, let’s go!

How to register on ONDC?

So, what are the three steps that we are talking about

  • How to complete ONDC Seller Registration?
  • How to complete ONDC Buyer Registration?
  • How to sell Products on ONDC?

How to complete ONDC Seller Registration?

ONDC seller registration is as simple as online shopping. Since ONDC is all about the seller, the process designed for the registration is very simple. These are the prerequisites needed for seller registration:

  • Onboarding to a robust seller platform
  • GSTIN of your business
  • Contact details of authorized personnel of the business
  • Details of Bank Accounts (To complete payouts from the buyer app)
  • Onboarding Agreement

As of August 2022, Gofrugal is the only ERP to have integrated with ONDC. But who can help you with getting onboarded to ONDC? Reach out to an authorized seller platform, and they will take care of it.

What really happens during the ONDC seller registration process?

In the visibility of August 2022, this is what happens when a seller registers on ONDC. Once you share your GSTIN, it will be linked with a unique key generated for you. This happens after the verification by ONDC. Then, we create a merchant for you with your shop name, catalog, and bank account to receive payments and take you to the Buyer apps. By doing this, you have established your unique identity on the widest e-Commerce network possible. Along with getting your network key generated with your GST, you also establish your long-lasting bond with the ONDC network with the onboarding agreement.

With almost 60+ buyer apps in the pipeline to join the ONDC e-Commerce revolution, this buyer-finder fee is set to stabilize and attract you to leverage the demand.

But, what is the next thing you must do to get started enjoying all the benefits? All you have to do as a seller on ONDC is partner with a robust and reliable seller platform.

How to select a robust, reliable, and secure seller platform?

Before you select your seller platform, ensure the seller platform that you select checks off all the boxes mentioned below:

One-time seamless cataloging

What is the most important thing we see when we enter a shop in the early hours of business? The shop staff will clean the floor, rearrange the racks, and ensure everything is in its right place. That’s when consumers feel they have entered the right store to shop. Then what about your online store? How do you maintain the hygiene of your online store? Simple – Digital cataloging! With seamless cataloging, your online store’s image and reputation are kept intact! Get your digital cataloging done perfectly for all channels, including online and offline sales, and feel the richness of your catalog in all the channels.

Inventory and Price management

Your seller platform should help you with everything related to Inventory and Pricing. They should be equipped to maintain Inventory to serve all channels of shopping. Not only Inventory and Pricing for all channels, but a robust seller platform will also help you enjoy maintaining a robust inventory to serve all channels without discrepancies and get channel-wise pricing and offers done easily.

One-stop solution offering

The seller platform that you choose should be a complete one-stop solution that manages everything from sales, inventory, purchase, GST accounting, and omnichannel needs for your business.

Delivery and Logistics partner integrated

ONDC offers logistics for deliveries. But you can also reach out to a seller platform that gets you ready to deliver to your customers within a 3 to 4 km radius. You can reach out to an external logistics provider for a radius more than that. Basically, you can choose your mode of delivery to guarantee the best possible last-mile delivery to your customers.

Omnichannel transformation

Any established restaurant takes party orders, allows dine-in, telephonic orders, and WhatsApp bookings not to lose a single selling space. You should definitely consider reaping profits by boarding your business via a reliable seller platform that empowers you to receive orders from any channel, help consumers pay through any channel, and deliver products through any channel.

Now, do you agree? The seller registration to join the ONDC network is very simple and easy. Gofrugal can onboard you to ONDC as an early-bird seller. Grab this opportunity to widen your customer base. Try our ERP on a 15-day free trial and be the first on ONDC from your locality.

Are you curious about how the buyer can start shopping from the ONDC network? Or are you a buyer who is curious to try every Beta version on the playstore? Then don’t miss out on reading the next section.

How to complete ONDC Buyer Registration?

ONDC stays true to its vision when it comes to buyer registration, i.e., anybody can shop without downloading a specific app. Any consumer can continue to use regular apps and enjoy shopping from any seller whom they love the most, especially in the neighborhood locality powered via the ONDC network.

ONDC being at its pilot phase doesn’t stop consumers from ordering online! Yes, all that consumers need is – to make one Paytm Wallet transaction. And guess what? Consumers are eligible to register! Consumers can now be whitelisted to be the first ever users of this e-commerce revolution.

How to sell Products on ONDC?

If I reveal the answer, you are going to feel really elated! Once you register with a robust seller platform like Gofrugal, you can start selling on the ONDC network within a day or two. Trust me! That’s the reality. If you want to try that for yourself, Register now!

Also, check out these sellers who have joined the ONDC network and are delivering orders successfully daily!

How to sell Products on ONDC?

For some time now, it has been the major e-Commerce platforms defining the marketplace’s boundaries, policies, and functioning. And it’s time as a Retailer you break those boundaries and reach your consumers who are longing to shop from you! ONDC is in its pilot phase and is soon set to host the nation’s public. Join ONDC today – Your ticket to join India’s biggest open e-Commerce network!

ONDC registration