Be early to rise and shine. Breathe digital to revolutionize and streamline!

importance of digital adoption

Are you someone who wants to wake up early every day but always snoozes the alarm, thinking you need more rest as you slept late the previous day? I’m that person. That’s where failure for the day starts. You don’t snooze the alarm alone but the productivity for the day. But I never knew the magic was not sleeping early at night, but quite the opposite. When Kumar Vembu addressed the gathering at MADITSSIA, Madurai, in his words, “You don’t have to sleep early to wake up early the next day. But you need to wake up early to automatically sleep early the same night”, I woke up. So did many business owners who understood where the change lies, in attitude followed by actions.

When I entered the room, all I heard was the sounds of murmuring business owners who had left an important day of their work to be at an event. But little did they know, they would never look at technology and business the same way again. Kumar Vembu, the CEO, Gofrugal, presided over an exciting session on November 19, 2021, at MADITSSIA (Madurai District Tiny & Small Scale Industries Association). He created awareness that investing in digital infrastructure will help small businesses expand and grow exponentially. The podium was filled with key members of Maditssia, including M.S. Sampath, President (Maditssia), Gnanasambandan, Secretary (Maditssia), Elangovan, VP Sales (Gofrugal), Kodeeswaran, VP (Maditssia), and Lakshmi Narayanan, Secretary (Maditssia).

Want to know more about digital adoption and how it could help your business? Yes! Good that you have woken up.

Digital infrastructure expands the market for small businesses

One of the main reasons companies thrive regardless of geography is the advancement of digital infrastructure. Or we can also say when you wake up to the advancements of digital technology; you can turn any geography into the Silicon Valley of your business. Digitalization of your business determines the expansion of your business and the brand’s presence. It’s the fisherman who decides where to fish. “You can decide to go fishing in a pond, lake, sea or even ocean. It all comes down to your attitude,” says Kumar Vembu, who has been fishing in the ocean of digital technology since 1992. Also, did you know who gets the best fish? The fisherman who fishes in the early hours of the day.

Retrospect on every digital technology that you use

All of us are digital consumers. Talk about waking up to new apps every day and using them! When we are digital consumers and business owners, it is essential to identify how we learn from it and apply it in our business. “Question yourself what technology has your business adopted in the last decade and how it has impacted in reducing the time, efforts, and money spent in completing an action in your business. This way, you check whether you’re facing losses more than profits, ” emphasized Kumar, who has been on the journey to create simple, affordable, and better digital solutions based on his experience as a digital consumer.

How can digital technology help SMBs?

“Technology is democratic, and it’s time business owners understand this,” said Kumar Vembu, who strives to make technology affordable for SMBs. Because when technology becomes affordable, it reduces your worries, errors, challenges and opens up your time for opportunities. It helps you invest time in growth, and when there is an investment in time, it yields sustainable results. When India woke up to the issues they were facing, they started fighting against the British, and then Democracy was born. Similarly, only when you wake up to the problems you face by not adopting digital technology, you will get freedom from redundant operational challenges and focus more on making productive decisions.

Seeing is believing, but the experience is truth

One cannot analyze Digital technology without experiencing it. It is easy to believe when you see it. But that’s not the ultimate truth. Kumar said, “Experience gives more connection and confidence in adapting to new technology,” and that’s why all of Gofrugal’s events start only after an experience session of our solutions. When the business owners experienced OrderEasy, an online ordering app, and EarnSmart, a sales force automation app for Distribution business, they knew they had woken up to what all their businesses could achieve by adopting technology. They also gained more confidence in adapting to it and started posting more questions about how well they could digitize their business for productivity.

Gofrugal stays ahead in digital technology

When it comes to offering digital technology to our customers, we stay ahead of the rest. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’s (MCA) notification dated March 24, 2021, and subsequent notification dated April 1, 2022, companies must only use accounting software that has a feature to record traceability for transactions, creating logs of changes made to the books, and ensure that the audit trail feature cannot be disabled starting April 1, 2023. But guess what? Gofrugal had already woken up 15 years ago and introduced the traceability feature to track every action of the users.

The Era of Digital Freedom

Digital technology encompasses the power to change human behaviour towards growth. It is a powerful tool to change discipline and an essential factor in working with self-respect. When you are allowed to choose the freedom to do what you want and how you want to do it, your entire business becomes easy, simple, seamless, streamlined, and successful. This is the era of digital freedom.

At the beginning of the event, 75% of the business owners did not have software in their business. But at the end of the event, more than 90% of them wanted to adopt digital technology and try digital solutions. That’s how technology can shape human attitudes and behaviour for the wellness of the business. Or should we say Digital Technology can even help you wake up early?

Just like me, many business owners went with the hope to wake up early tomorrow and conquer the day, eventually the world!

Do you want to wake up early too?