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We all must be aware of Walmartization and the big hue and cry which happens, when Wal-Mart enters new Countries.

Why be branded as the protestors against FDI, mass Retailing. Let the world continue to call you as Kirana stores, Small Retailers, Unorganized Retailers, Mom and Pop stores and feel proud be called so.

What is the difference, which the Big names make?? Again I take clue from Albert Einstein’s proposal E=MC^2 as I did in my blog on POS Myth.

It is the Mass which gives the iron and calcium input to the Wal-Mart’s, Tesco’s etc of the world.

Can the Kirana Stores amalgamate- joining hands and minds, by moving into KIRANAISATION???? It was really disheartening for me to read this news in economictimes.

Kirana stores throng big retailers like Future Group, Reliance Retail and others for better margins.

Why throng the Value Stores of mass retailers, to buy cheap and sell profitably. Direct and divert your efforts to “KIRANAISATION”. Build the Energy, Mass and Speed required to retain your identity; Retail and enlighten your Customers and offer Value for Shopping.

  • Create a sourcing entity/society. Source directly from the Original Manufacturers (OEM) and FMCG Companies.
  • Develop logistics network to ensure on time availability of products at your outlets.
  • Implement best supply chain management process including logistics network.
    Source efficiently to offer quality products at affordable prices
  • Engage with the Farmers/Growers to procure directly from the Farm
  • Automate in-store activities by implementing POS Software Solution, to handle your customers in a professional and transparent manner
  • Adopt modern merchandising and store management processes, to provide ambience to your customers
  • Increase social presence through face-book, twitter and other forums

FDI in retail has come now: How the Indian kirana store can stay on top

Window for new opportunities to Kirana stores. Partners in common pursuit approach by a leading Retail company, offering Kirana shops to become their Franchaise partners.

You succeed through KIRANAISATION, when you can make the shelves at the Outlets of the Value Retailers look this way.


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