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What should your potential Supply Chain Management software do?

A  very clear aim of any retailer or distributor whether new or old  opting for a SCM software would be “incremental profits”. But for the  profits to start showing up from the first day itself would be demanding  too much from a software which is after all man-made.

The  right approach would rather be to ascertain goals that are achievable.  Software vendors would list down the many features. The real test is  whether these features can be quantified into benefits. I have listed  down few of them for your ready reference from which you can take a cue  and choose a simple and reliable Supply Chain Management software.


Now,  this has to improve at every level of the operations i.e from your  inventory, warehouse storage to distribution to multiple channels. The  whole process is intelligently automated and thus the time spent on  mundane tasks are reduced by considerable levels.

Decrease in Costs

A  good solution not only spots the areas of wastage for your but also  helps in putting a stop to it. This invariably results in efficient  costing. For example, reduction in labour costs, timely returns management to the right supplier, just in time inventory and reduce the storage costs, etc.

Business Intelligent ReportsBusiness Intelligence reports in SCM software

There are many tools and reporting formats with simple to complex classification of attributes to get the desired  perspective of your business. For example; the business flashcards,  dashboards, remote report visibility, alerts when stocks reach the minimum  levels or for any security breaches by your employees. In addition,  business intelligent reports should do all the analysis for you such as  help you track performing/non-performing products, out of  stock/overstock, tracking of expired products, etc.

Nevertheless,  supply chain solutions are very many. The only sure shot way of getting  it work for you is by proper implementation of the right solution as  per your business needs. Speak to an expert before you take the leap.  You can also sign up for a personalized demo of GoFrugal’s SCM solution.