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Looking for good mothers a choice and a opportunity to restart your career

I joined Hewlett Packard as a software engineer in 1995. After working for 10+ years I quit as a Project lead in 2005 to look after my family when my second daughter Sneha was about a year old. The career break helped me spend quality time with my kids and also pursue my long cherished hobby, Carnatic vocal music. As my daughters grew up, their school timing also increased. I started to feel bored after they went to school as I was used to hectic work schedule all along.

I realised I am not a full time home maker material. But I had my concerns on getting back to work. One of the major challenge was the rapidly changing software industry because of technology adoption. From mainframes to J2EE, C++ to Java and at 2005 mobile Apps development was peaking up. I was not sure whether I could catch up.

At that time GOFRUGAL was 5 years old, I started spending my free time on GOFRUGAL products, website & other marketing materials. I realised the career break had made me more focused and more empathetic to end user needs. After a few months, as my feedback and suggestions were appreciated by folks at GOFRUGAL, I got back my confidence.

I started working part time at GOFRUGAL. While the kids went to school, I spent my time interacting & learning with my team and got back home when they were back. Being a mother helped me learn everyday, the most relavant was the mastery over multi tasking and ability to switch context quickly. This came in handy as I got back to part time work. My daughters made me realise how simple & easy it was to learn a new skill every single day. They also helped me become creative. I learned to me more patient which is an extremely essential trait to function better.

Motherhood makes us wiser, more adept to handle stress and ability to maintain a healthy work life balance.The journey on “how to learn” was very challenging. Well it was tough in the beginning but I became a pro in managing all priorities well as I progressed. Yes I do understand all mothers are great at planning, multi tasking, sharply focussed on what they do, always have the end in their mind and most importantly recognise where help is needed and be ready to help.

I am enjoying my 6+ years of experience of being a marketer taking small steps every single day. Like me there are many others who have had a career break for the family. If you are one of them like me and have a strong desire to restart career, GOFRUGAL would love to explore on the opportunities. We can offer part time positions which require a minimum of 5 hours per working day. We believe in filling the entire team with good mothers. Good mothers are those who are not being nice but good to each other. They help their team succeed, and when every team members succeed, it a collaborative effort and the leader wins.

Are you a good mother, looking for a good career opportunity, Drop me an e-mail @ lets have a quick chat..

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