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Integrate your Magento eCommerce store with GOFRUGAL POS

GOFRUGAL provides a simple & easy POS connector for various e-commerce platforms & market places. Make easy your Magento eCommerce store inventory control & orders tracking process with GOFRUGAL’s Magento integration POS … Get ready to sell through Magento and grow your business.

Selling on multiple channels is not only difficult but cumbersome. It is challenge to manage separate pricing, products on each channel & tracking performance on each channel. Added to that adding new products, updating stock, inventory, delivery, returns & accounts needs consolidation

Connect your Magento eCommerce store with GOFRUGAL POS backend.

Magento eCommerce POS Features

  • Your Magento eCommerce store can be connected with your POS
  • Import existing GOFRUGAL Point of Sale stock/inventory items to your online store including product code/SKU, product title & description, pricing and quantity available
  • Update changes in stock inventory to your e-commerce site automatically by scheduler, or manually
  • Sales orders automatically updated to GOFRUGAL POS, when sales orders are placed in your e-commerce site
  • Customers are allowed to enable only the required features (Items/Sales orders) and sync also
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