GOFRUGAL’s myDelight app – taking the digital road

100% Customer-Connect through myDelight Mobile App

We are overwhelmed to know that our customers have taken a keen interest in our new app, GOFRUGAL myDelight (available in Google Play store) and have also inquired about its pricing and licensing policies. However we are here to clarify that this app has been designed for our employees to ensure that we can provide 100% customer-connect.

Continuous customer-connect has always been pivotal to the success of any organization. However devising a mechanism that would guarantee seamless customer-connect has been a challenge in itself. Organizations over the past decade or so have always tried to figure out a way to achieve this. As a result CRM was developed. But as it turns out it has its own set of drawbacks one of them being the inability to make them portable and less-hardware dependent.

GoFrugal has always stayed ahead of the curve. We are proud to announce that we are the first organization in the Retail industry to have come up with a mobile CRM, myDelight , to ensure 100% retailers-delight. We have a dedicated team continuously working on this application to stay ahead of the times at all times.

“A little insight on what myDelight app is and how it delivers 100% customer-connect.”

Every Sales-person of ours has a personalized profile to keep-track-of, visit and provide delight to customers. They can fix appointments to meet customers and also set reminders for future contact. This app is designed in such a way that majority of sales-persons’ work is automated erasing out manual errors.

Your complete journey with GOFRUGAL is captured by our app which makes you the responsibility of the entire organization thus eliminating dependency on a particular employee.

myDelight App enables us to:

  • Fix appointments to meet you on time
  • To set Reminders ensuring zero-delay in contact
  • To maintain complete history of the customer with GOFRUGAL
  • To work-on-the-go

This unique initiative taken by GOFRUGAL is already proving efficient and is assisting us to maintain a healthy rapport with our customers.

Please keep checking out this space. We will soon be releasing an exciting app designed especially for retailers