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Early Access to the Cloud POS solution from GOFRUGAL : TruePOS marks Release RC4

We TruePOS team has released an RC4 version. As you might have known, we have constantly added new
features to TruePOS based on user feedback. We have refreshed the application with a couple more features that we think you’ll find useful.

Release Highlights

  • TruePOS Sales UI has a touch enabled interface – A  fancy addon to your business
  • New Reports help in fueling business growth like ‘High Products ROI, ‘Market Basket Analysis’, ‘Fast and Slow moving Products’
  • TruePOS Accounts now includes Perpetual inventory posting, Outstanding aging reports and basically the Year End Process.
  • SMS Integrated

Touch Screen UI support for Sales bill

Touch Screen UI is a wonderful feature which makes the billing easy and fast. TruePOS has released the Touch Screen UI support for sales bill. This feature supports only online. Users can bill any kind of direct items. Apart from this users can add the walk in customer details to their database with the help of touch screen.
Touch screen allows multiple tender option.

Fast Moving / Slow Moving Reports

  • Number of transaction based :
    Users can do fast moving by number of transactions in which the item is bought. The report shows the total sales transactions and number of transaction in which this item is bought and percentage of total
    transaction that bought this item
  • By inventory velocity :
    Inventory velocity is the number of times one rotates the stock each year /month.
  • By Qty sold [Volume] :

Fast moving by the total qty sold of an item

  • By Value : We can order the item sales by value to determine


  • Perpetual Inventory Posting
  • Ledger Configuration: Users can now configure the ledgers for the trading accounting entries.
  • Export option for the payable and receivable reports
  • Outstanding aging reports
  • Year End Process

To know more about the latest features

Click Here for Release Notes